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Mick Sleeper

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Mick Sleeper was born around the same time that The Upsetters were recording "Return Of Django" in 1969. His first introduction to reggae as a teenager did not mash up the place, but he later made up for lost time and became a dedicated reggaeologist.

Mick honestly can't remember exactly where or when he first heard Lee Perry's upsetting sound, but when he did, it said "give me power!". His ears - and his music collection - haven't been the same since.

Lee Perry site

When Mick discovered that nobody had put the Upsetter online, he created this webpage in 1996, which two years later got an official "irie" from Lee Perry himself, who insisted that he change his name to Mick Waker. With the online Lee Perry Massive spreading out every week, Mick's continuing mission is to get (and share) the groove. http://www.upsetter.net/scratch/


  1. Return of the Super Ape (1978) - Lee Scratch Perry & Upsetters [1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Dyon-Anaswa 2. Return Of The Super Ape 3. Tell Me Something Good 4. Bird In Hand 5. Crab Yars 6. Jah Jah Ah Natty Dread 7. Psyche & Trim 8. The Lion 9. Huzza A Hana 10. High Rankin Sammy
    This is perhaps the spookiest Upsetters album (the horrific cover art should tip you off). Jammed with violent sound effects, jazz riffs, and a menacing, brooding atmosphere, this album is a must. The LP version of Return Of The Super Ape might be okay, but the CD version was apparently mastered from poor quality vinyl. A better choice is Original Super Ape, which combines all of these songs plus five dynamite bonus tracks. Mick Sleeper
  2. Super Ape - Lee Perry [Amazon US]
    1. Zion's Blood 2. Croaking Lizard 3. Black Vest 4. Underground 5. Curly Dub - The Upsetters 6. Dread Lion 7. Three in One 8. Patience 9. Dub Along 10. Super Ape
    "DUB IT UP blacker than DREAD" proclaims the comic book cover of Super Ape, an outstanding album of heavy Black Ark rhythms and haunting vocals. Many consider this to be Perry's finest work as a producer; indeed, it's an amazing album that gets better and more intricate with each listen. Killers include the crazed, ganja cloud toasting of Prince Jazzbo on "Croaking Lizard", the spooky "Dread Lion" and the rootsy "Zion's Blood". Essential listening for Lee Perry fans. Mick Sleeper
    [If you purchase only one reggae CD in your life, make it Super Ape. Not only is it one of the very best reggae records ever recorded, but simply one of the best records of the seventies in general.]

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