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Mike Featherstone

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Mike Featherstone is Director of the Theory, Culture & Society Centre. He is founding editor of Theory, Culture & Society and the TCS Book Series. He is co-editor of the journal Body & Society. He is author of Consumer Culture and Postmodernism (1991) and Undoing Culture (1995). His edited and co-edited books include: Global Culture (1990), The Body (1991), Global Modernities (1995), Cyberspace / Cyberbodies / Cyberpunk (1995), Images of Ageing (1995), Simmel on Culture (1997) Love and Eroticism (1999) and Spaces of Culture (1999), Body Modification (2000), Recognition and Difference (2002). His books and articles have been translated into over a dozen languages. He is currently working on: a project on Global Knowledge with other TCS editors and a group in Japan; developing the European Consortium of Humanities Centres and Institutes network. --http://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/schoolofartscommunicationsandculture/academic%20profiles/7010.html [Dec 2005]

Consumer Culture & Postmodernism (1991) - Mike Featherstone

Featherstone's book focuses on two central issues within the postmodernity debate. In the first place Featherstone discusses the question of whether there can be a 'postmodern sociology' or alternatively a 'sociology of postmodernism'. He suggests that the latter is the more fitting approach given that the notion of a 'postmodern sociology' would presume that a radical break had taken place from a 'modernist sociology' . Featherstone denies that such a radical discontinuity exists between the 'modern' and the 'postmodern'. Rather there are important elements and themes of continuity which, says Featherstone need further exploration.

Featherstone argues that a 'sociology of postmodernism' needs to address at least three areas of study:

Featherstone argues that a social process of the 'aestheticization of everyday life' is in train in the 'west'. This process involves:

Many of the themes and paths opened in 'Consumer Culture & Postmodernism' are developed by Featherstone in a number of subsequent publications including:

(1995) Undoing Culture (Sage)

(co-editor)(1995) Global Modernities (Sage)

(co-editor)(1999) Spaces of Culture (Sage) --http://www.sociologyonline.co.uk/post_essays/PopFeatherstone.htm [Aug 2004]

Body Modification (2000) - Mike Featherstone

  • Body Modification (2000) - Mike Featherstone [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    In an age where anti-flesh puritanism seems to be waning, and yet still persists in subtle manifestations, more and more extreme stimuli both physical and conceptual - may be necessary to re-establish our relationship with our bodies. The vicious and relentless suppression of bodily awareness that is our inheritance from Pauline Christianity will not just fade away if we ask nicely. It seems that the growing popularity in the West of body modification practices, and physical forms of S/M sexuality, is indicative of the what may be necessary to reclaim our flesh and provoke ourselves into a deeper body-consciousness. And, as we shall see, our cultural myths, the imagery and conceptions that our artists generate, may also have become equally extreme in their treatment of the flesh, of necessity. -- Gyrus via http://www.uncarved.org/2012/psycho.html [Dec 2005]

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