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Milo Manara (1945 - )

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Click () - Milo Manara [Amazon.com]


Milo Manara (born Maurilio Manara, in 1945, Luson, Italy) is an Italian comic book writer and artist, best known for his erotic approach to the medium.

His cartoons generally revolve around elegant, beautiful women caught up in unlikely and fantastical erotic scenarios. Some of his more famous books include "Il Giotto" (1983, translated as Click) (in four parts), about a device which rendered women helplessly aroused, and "Il Profumo Dell'invisibile" (1986, translated as Butterscotch), about the invention of a body-paint which made the wearer invisible. Some of his most acclaimed books were collaborations with fellow Italian artist and cartoonist Hugo Pratt.

Manara's style favors clean lines for women reserving more complex drawings for monsters or other supernatural elements. Like his compatriot Tinto Brass, he evidently has a fixation with the female buttocks. Many of his comics have themes of bondage, domination and humiliation, voyeurism, the supernatural, and the sexual tension beneath various aspects of Italian society. The works vary in their explicitness, but the general mood is playful rather than misogynistic. Manara's skill in creating atmosphere, his obvious talent, and his occasional excursions into more "mainstream" stories, have helped to give him an air of artistic respectability.

His work reached an American audience largely through its appearance in Heavy Metal magazine. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milo_Manara [2004]

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Ink and watercolor comics artist and writer whose work often exudes an intense eroticism along with a keen social insight. He has produced several graphic novels, some which feature the writing of Hugo Pratt and Frederico Fellini. Milo is at http://www.milomanara.it.


  1. Click 1-3 () - Milo Manara [Amazon.com]
    This is a nice collection. Manara must be the best graphic novel artist ever. I would love to see him do film; I believe he'd pull it off smoothly. Anyway, if you're at all interested in any of the Click! series, you may as well get them all in one. Not really about the same character and somewhat incongruous, the series is tied up by the same device. I prefer Click! 2 the most, as #3 is a bit too fantastical for my tastes, and #1 isn't as cleanly drawn. But that's nitpicking. Click! is easily my favorite Manara (so far). --Michael G Loffelman, Amazon.com
  2. Art of Spanking - Milo Manara [Amazon US]
    A classic tome where the heroine is introduced to the spicy pleasures of being administered- and administering- spankings! Manara beautifully and abundantly illustrates the tongue-in-(ahem)-cheek text. Luxuriously presented trade paper back in sepia and black colors and with flaps.
  3. Click () - Milo Manara [Amazon.com]
    Frigid rich bitch Claudia gets a little implant in the right spot with a remote control. Turn the knob and voila! Shešs a hot cauldron of unleashed lust!
    Alright, if you're interested in Click 2, it is because you already have read Click. So you know what it's about: sex. If that is what you are looking for, this is the book. It has all the explicit scenes anyone could wish for. The plot? Hmmm, well... yes, it has one. Manara seems as mysoginistic as always, but you cannot take him too seriously in his erotic books. It is fun to read, does not make a lot of sense most of the time, but the art is great. Have fun. -- Albrecht Bake for amazon.com

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