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Milton Nascimento (1942 - )

Escravos De Jo

Joe Claussell Joe Claussell/Kerri Chandler "Escravos De Jo" (Ibadan)
Based around one of Milton Nascimento's wonderful melodies and hooked up to Kerri and Joe's irresistible rolling Baiao groove, with freestyle guitar adding extra organic flavour, this is the sound of conscious NYC. Dance floor deliverance from the spiritual lifers - The Rebirth Of Cool 7 CD - Another plan compiled by Patrick Forge

One of Milton Nascimento's darker LPs, with a great set of tracks that have a deep rock feel to them, yet which maintain all of the soulful spirit that was in Nascimento's earlier recordings. The musicians include Nelson Angelo, Toninho, Paulo Moura, Wagner Tiso, and Nana Vasconcelos, and the tracks include "Milagre Dos Peixes", "Pablo", "A Chamda", "Os Escravos De Jo", and "Sacramento".




  1. Clube Da Esquina - Milton Nascimento [Amazon.com]
    1. Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser 2. Cais 3. O Trem Azul 4. Saidas E Bandeiras No. 1 5. Nuvem Cigana 6. Cravo E Canela 7. Dos Cruces 8. Um Girassol Da Cor De Seu Cabelo 9. San Vicente 10. Estrelas 11. Clube Da Esquina No. 2 12. Paisagem Da Janela 13. Me Deixa Em Paz 14. Os Povos 15. Saidas E Bandeiras No. 2 16. Um Gosto De Sol 17. Pelo Amor De Deus 18. Lilia 19. Trem De Doido 20. Nada Sera Como Antes 21. Ao Que Vai Nascer
    Milton Nascimento/Lo Borges "Clube do Esquina" (EMI Odeon, 1972) Nascimento's masterpiece. A 2-LP set covering a very wide range of styles, from folky space rock and tropicalia, to hints of jazz fusion. Includes some of his loveliest melodies and most memorable tunes, as well as trippy tracks which push the envelope a bit. Issued here as a single disc CD -- highly recommended. [...]

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