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Molly Weatherfield

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Molly Weatherfield is a pseudonym for Pam Rosenthal. Here blog and site are here. [Sept 2006]

Carrie's Story () - Molly Weatherfield

  • Carrie's Story () - Molly Weatherfield [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    I discovered the world of bdsm a mere three months ago (I'm 34) and can't quite believe how much I didn't know about myself before this. Let's just say I'll never go without it again. Anyway, since this discovery I have been reading everything I can get my hands on, from really bad stuff like Laura Reese's 2 books to stellar short stories like Mark Pritchard's "Lessons in Submission" to all of Roy Stuart's erotic photography.

    Carrie's Story is my absolute favorite for so many reasons. Not only is it not over-romanticized, not only is the sex fascinating and hot, but Carrie's smartass internal monologue sounds so much like my own! On the surface she is compliant and submissive, yet inside she is wry and cynical and sort of astonished at the irony of what she's doing -- and she tells the story with that voice. And the story is just so... believable; the author got all the details right, from her bike messenger outfits to the punk rock references. I actually read the book a second time and marked all the places where I exclaimed out loud at how exactly it expressed something I felt. Like when Carrie admits how much she loves the exquisite unfairness of the arrangement, and when she wonders how -- without clear instructions and commands -- people having vanilla sex EVER get it right, and when she begins to understand the peculiar logic and integrity of their arrangement -- how it's about him expressing his wishes and her simple obligation to fulfill them exactly.

    The book is flawlessly written, intelligent, and never talks down to its readers. So, if you are thinking about engaging in power exchange sex, read this book! Carrie's Story will show you how a smart(-...) girl does it. --A reader from california for amazon.com

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