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Mondo Bizarro

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Disambiguation: Mondo Bizarro is an album by the Ramones, a film by Bob Cresse and an art gallery in Milan, Italy.

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Artists linked to the Mondo Bizzarro gallery, Bologna, Italy

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--http://www.mondobizzarro.net [Jan 2005]

Mondo Bizarro (1966) - Bob Cresse

A faux travelogue that mixes documentary and mockumentary footage. The camera looks through a one-way glass into the women's dressing room at a lingerie shop, visits a Kyoto massage parlor, goes inside the mailroom at Frederick's of Hollywood, watches an Australian who sticks nails through his skin and eats glass, checks out the art and peace scene in Los Angeles, takes in Easter week with vacationing college students on Balboa Island, observes a German audience enjoying a play about Nazi sadism, and, with the help of powerful military lenses, spies on a Lebanese white-slavery auction. A narrator adds gravitas: "To the worm in the cheese, the cheese is the universe." --http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0188909/ [May 2005]

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