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Monika Treut


Monika Treut (1954 - ) is a German filmmaker.

In the mid-1970s she began working with video. She founded Hyena Filmproduktion together with Elfi Mikesch in 1984, and began producing, writing, and directing independent feature films.

She is best known for Seduction: The Cruel Woman, a 1985 German film. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monika_Treut [Apr 2006]


  1. Seduction - Cruel Woman (1985) - Elfi Mikesch, Monika Treut [DVD, Amazon US]
    Mikesch and Treut's first film, Verfuhrung: Die Grausame Frau (Seduction: The Cruel Woman, 1985) was inspired by the novel Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Seduction examines the psychological aspects of sadism and masochism through the tale of Wanda (Mechthild Grossmann), a German lesbian dominatrix who runs a gallery where audiences pay for the privilege of watching her humiliate her slaves.

  2. My Father is Coming (1991) - Monika Treut [Amazon US]
    Vicky works as a waitress and dreams of stardom, but her hopes are continually dashed by disastrous auditions and an unconquerable German accent. Her world threatens to disintegrate when she learns of the impending visit of her father, lured by stories of his daughter's success in America. Vicky's attempts to dissimulate include concealing her job and inducing gay roommate Ben to pose as her husband. Bavarian sausage-smuggling Hans, Vicky's father, arrives and encounters an exotic subculture of gender-benders, fakirs (Fakir Musafar), and, most of all, ex-porn queen Annie Sprinkle (playing herself), leading to discovery and adventure for both father and daughter.

  3. Female Misbehavior (1992) - Monika Treut [Amazon US]
    Say goodbye to your preconceived ideas and cherished vignettes of the female of the species! -- Monika Treut has put together a fascinating and enlightening view of females born, and made, that challenges our hearts and minds. There is a power and breadth of female experience here that is shocking and touching and deeply thought provoking. But you have to let yourself watch and listen-- don't write off any of these women before she has a chance to tell her story -- there is something to be learned from each one! --a viewer, via amazon.com. [features a documentary on Camille Paglia]

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