Repertory Cinema at its Best

Owned and operated by the Montreal Repertory Cinema Society - a non-profit cultural organization committed to the promotion of independent, repertory and art house films - the Cinema du Parc offers Montrealers repertory cinema at its very best. A local institution, the Cinema du Parc offers budget-minded movie addicts a much cheaper alternative to all the new multi-screen mega-plexes that continue to pop up all across downtown Montreal.

Revamped and Rearing to Go!

Loved by film buffs for its nostalgic recreation of repertory cinemas of days long gone, the Cinema du Parc underwent a complete overhaul in 2001. Having renovated all three cinemas with new carpeting, new royal blue seats, a new sound system, new screens and new maroon-coloured sound-proof walls, the Cinema du Parc is completely revamped and rearing to go! Specializing in recently released movies, premieres of independent films from around the globe, cult classics and repertory cinema, the Cinema du Parc also plays host to international film festivals such as the International Festival of New Cinema and Media.

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