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Munich Machine

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Munich Machine (1977) - Munich Machine

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Who is the member of Munich Machine? Mainly they worked from 1976 - 1979. I guess the member of them are...... Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte, Keith Forsey, Les Hurdle, Mats Bjorklund, Geoff Bastow, Dino Solera, Thor Baldursson, Lee Harper, and so on. They worked with Roberta Kelly, Donna Summer, Madrene Kane,and Sylvers.

Their cover designs are very good ! In the first and second album, robots are dancing friendly.. Famous Japanese Illustrator Shusei Nagaoka is a designer of these covers. He also designed the part of "E=MC2", robot like body of Giorgio Moroder.

His other works are the cover of Earth,Wind & Fire"I AM","All'n All", Maze, Kitaro, Deep Purple, Space and so on.

When I went to see the gallary of Shusei Nagaoka as a fan of E,W&F about fifteen years ago, I happen to find the picture of Munich Machine and Giorgio, at that place and I was so deeply impressed.

You can also appreciate Shusei Nagaoka's work on my gallaley. --http://www.i-breeze.com/ato/EG/munich.html

Shusei Nagaoka

This 'industrial' theme continued with the distinctive image of the dancing robots, which originally appeared on the cover of Munich Machine's first album (1977). This was painted by artist Shusei Nagaoka who painted similar sci-fi images for albums by ELO 'Out Of The Blue', Earth Wind and Fire 'Raise', Meco 'The Wizard Of Oz', Space 'Just Blue' and Giorgio 'E=MC2'


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