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Music journalism is a specialized branch of entertainment journalism especially criticism and reportage about music. Ranging from lengthy profiles of singers and bands to brief album reviews, music journalism is at least several decades old. Magazines such as Rolling Stone, Urb, New Musical Express, and The Source are well known for their musical journalism. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_journalism [Aug 2005]


  • Peter Shapiro Rough Guide to Drum 'n Bass, Hip Hop, ... 100 essential soul cds, Mutant Disco in Wire 2003Feb issue.
    On Disco: Scorned and ridiculed as feather-lite, escapist pap when it emerged in the mid-70s, and now reduced to a kitsch scenario of Afro wigs, polyester suits and drunken singalongs at office Chrstmas parties and bachelopr weekends, disco is just about the last place anyone would look for avant garde practice. [...] --Peter Shapiro in The Wire Feb 2003.
  • John Corbett US, Chicago
  • http://www.rockcritics.com Why is music journalism called rock criticism? Does music equal rock music? Allmusic lists disco as a subgenre of rock. Duh.
  • Mark Sinker editor at Wire
  • Lester Bangs, the bad boy of rock criticism
  • Dave Marsh he coined punk rock in 1971
  • Simon Reynolds ... all that awfully dreary Afro-Brazilian influenced house...
  • Steven Harvey an article on new york's burgeoning club scene written by steven harvey, originally printed in underground zine "Collusion" in 1983
  • Dave Godin coining the term Northern Soul
  • Jon Savage MACHINE SOUL - A History Of Techno
  • David Lubich Homophobia and dance music
  • Albert Goldman Albert Goldman, a chronicler of disco during the '70s, observed that "what differentiates discomania from most of its predecessors is its overt tendency to spill over into orgy, as it has done already in the gay world. All disco is implicitly orgy."
  • Phil Cheeseman Phil Cheeseman's first written exploration of the History of House Music has been an invaluable document in writing this site.
    The mother copy of this document can be found on http://music.hyperreal.org/library/history_of_house.html
  • Peter Braunstein
  • David Toop Long time music journalist who used to write for "The Face" magazine, Wrote the history of Hip Hop and "Ocean of Sound", a general survey of music and sound. Likes Walter Gibbons a lot.
  • Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton Last Night a DJ Saved my Life' Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton, interviewed London June 2000.
  • Russ Dewbury compiler of Africa Funk (Harmless) and many other comps
  • Norman Jay One of the originators
  • Patrick Forge http://www.timebombmusic.co.uk/Dj's/PatrickForge.html
  • John McCready Journalist with refreshing views on dub, Kraftwerk ... Wrote sleevenotes for first Nu Groove compilation on Network records
  • Brian Chin Journalist Brian Chin compiled an excellent overview of club music with this 3CD set
  • Colin Larkin
  • Carter Van Pelt 400 Years reggae zine, with interviews with Linval Thompson and Fela Kuti and much more ...
  • Steve Barrow Steve Barrow is behind the label Blood and Fire, he wrote liner notes for numerous reggae compilations.
  • Erik.Boralv@cmd.uu.se
  • Dave Lee aka Joey Negro
      recently compiled Disco Spectrum on BBE records, also wrote sleevenotes for the History Of Garage music on his own label ..
  • James Vyner, compiled Spaced Out on Disorient records, click for track listing
  • Dave Hucker Latin music specialist, connoisseur and afficionado, with his personal top 10. Compiled a Joe Bataan CD for Charly records.
  • Ian Dewhirst UK DJ who started out in the seventies, compiled and wrote all of the sleevenotes for the early Mastercuts classics CDs (Salsoul, eighties groove, jazz-funk, ...), very knowledgeable, unprejudiced music lover, Larry Levan afficionado
  • Stuart Cosgrove, writing the history of house music in the late eighties ...for BCM records.
  • Neil Rushton
      Owner or manager of Network records and Six Nine records, wrote sleevenotes for Detroit Techno compilation. Wrote jazz funk records like "Six Nine Shuffle" in the seventies. Introduced Derrick May to the world.
  • Daniel Wang


    1. The Wire [1 magazine, Amazon US]
      The Wire is the definitive source for infomation and thought regarding experimental, avant garde, or forward thinking music. My eyes and ears have been opened. The Wire has helped my musical tastes and knowledge evolve exponentially in the past 3 years. I consider the Wire to be akin to a scholarly journal...it's much more than you're average glossy Americanized-advertisment filled rags. This publication is a well needed antidote to today's profit driven, corporate controlled media garbage that we are constantly bombarded with. I know of nowhere else where Sun Ra, the Boredoms, Cannibal Ox, Miles Davis, Sonic Youth, the Grateful Dead, and Venetian Snares can peacefully co-exist with Kid 606, Merzbow, Albert Ayler, Tom Waits, John Cage, Autechre, and Bjork. I highly reccomend this magazine to anyone with discriminating tastses and intelligence. Well-written, and often including excellent CD's that you'll actually want to listen to, The Wire is definately worth the elevated import price, and a true journalistic treasure. --Matthew Jaworski for amazon.com
      The Wire Magazine first appeared on news stands in 1982 and over the last 20 years it has developed from a quarterly fanzine specializing in avant garde jazz and modern composition into an award-winning and widely influential monthly that covers a vast array of underground, experimental and alternative music and culture. [...]

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