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Push, Push In The Bush (1978) - Musique

In the bush (1978) is the A-side of this twelve inch

In the Summer of 1977, I remember being on the highway and hearing "Shake Your Booty" for the first time. I turned to my girlfriend and said,

"I don't believe they got away with that!" Here we were way past the dawning of the aquarian age and Woodstock and free love, yet it seemed that a big taboo was being broken. The 'line' had been crossed. We songwriters still believed that suggestive lyric but not explicit lyric was the order of the day. We spent endless hours crafting new ways of eluding to sex without crossing that magic line. Suddenly the pressure was on to test for a new 'magic line.' Between "Deep Throat" in the cinema and George Carlins' "Seven words you can't say on television" the world was ready for the test.

I did not sit down and invent the phrase "Push Push In The Bush" in a moment of meditative genius. I was in the recording studio ... --http://www.papmus.com/push.html [Feb 2005]

see also http://www.discogs.com/release/225320, Prelude records, Patrick Adams, disco, Musique, http://www.discocity.it/afrofunkydisco_rarita20.htm [Feb 2005]

Selected discography

In the bush (1978) is the A-side of this twelve inch

Keep on Jumpin'

  • Like Inner Life, Musiqe was a studio group produced by Patrick Adams
  • Prelude Records
    • Musique II / Musique II 1979
      • Vocals: Mary Seymour, Denise Edwards, Gina Taylor, vocals arranged by Christine Wiltshire
      • Includes  Love Massage, Good And Plenty Lover, Glide, Number One
      • the second and last Musique release was remixed by Francois K but did not feature Jocelyn


    1. Keep On Jumpin' (1978) - Musique [Amazon.com]
      The studio project known as Musique (produced by Patrick Adams) released this album in 1979 on Prelude Records. Prelude's claim to fame was that all of their albums featured four disco-length songs. The whole aim of the label was to put product in the hands of the disc jockeys in the hot clubs that proliferated in those days. Surely, the success Silver Convention had in America with a European sound, influenced Adams, but he took it to a new level. Both lead cuts from the album went straight to the top of the disco/dance chart. "Keep On Jumpin'" was an ode to the dance floor, with a high bpm, pulsating bass, and soaring strings and brass. It could turn a night out on the town into an excursion; a fantasy built around the empowerment and freedom to be found in dance. "In The Bush" was even faster than "Keep On Jumpin'", with its emphasis on Latin rhythms. [...] The girls (the vocalists featured Jocelyn Brown, who went on to fame, singing "Somebody Else's Guy") sing about a love they know is temporary. They sing, "You are my summer love," as opposed to, "You are my love." [...] I think there is something here for anyone who likes soulful dance music. -- David Wayne for amazon.com

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