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Naomi Tani

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Naomi Tani is famous as an SM Queens. Ever since her debut in 1967, she has performed in over one hundred pink movies. She became popular with her hardcore sex scenes using ropes. She joined Nikkatsu Romantic Pornography in 1972 and attracted publicity with their six original SM movies. Until her retirement in 1979, she performed in both Romantic Pornography and Pink Movies. She attracted many with her pretty face and beautiful fair skin which enhanced her kimono style and 96cm large breasts. --http://xxx.kuki.co.jp/shin-toho/HISTORY/N_TANI/index.html, accessed May 2004

Other Pink Movie Stars

Maiko Kazama   



Born in 1956, Maiko Kazama made her movie debut in 1979. Soon after her debut, she became a popular actress and appeared in more than thirty Shin Toho movies in the following six months.  



  FILE0020:Yuko Maehara   



She made her debut in 1987. With her large breasts and a young girl's face, she became very popular. Her videos are being traded for several hundred dollars now. Yuko appeared in several Nikkatsu Roman Porn movies.  



  FILE0019:Mai Hana   



Born in 1963 in Kumamoto. She studied acting in Mifune Art School and made her debut as an AV actress. In 1987, she appeared in a Shin Toho movie. Born in 1958 in Oita. Mai Hana came to Tokyo when she was 20-yr-old. After working at snack bars in Akasaka and Ginza, she started working at a S & M club.  



  FILE0018:Anri Inoue   



Born in 1963 in Kumamoto. She studied acting in Mifune Art School and made her debut as an AV actress. In 1987, she appeared in a Shin Toho movie.  



  FILE0017:Mami Ogawa   



After her comeback in 2000, Mami Ogawa has been very active; not just acting but also directing movies. Check out her perfect mature body! 



  FILE0016:Ayumi Taguchi   



Here we have her movies made after her come-back in 1995. She made her debut as an idol actress, but in these movies selected here, she played sexy mature women. Don't miss one of the best actresses from the 80's to 90's! 



  FILE0015:Yumika Hayashi   



Yumika Hayashi is one of the top AV idols in the history of the Adult Video world. 



  FILE0014:Satomi Shinozaki   



This issue features Satomi Shinozaki, a veteran actress with 20 years' career in the porn movie industry where lots of the actresses come and go every year. 




  FILE0013:Kyoko Kazama   



We introduce great actresses appeared in Shin-Toho porn movies here. This issue features Kyoko Kazama. Her three major works, Wet Horny Wife, Big Breasted Secretary, and Three Big Breasted Sisters, are here for you! 




  FILE0012:Mayuko Sakai   



Being able to play many different roles very well, especially wicked women roles, Mayuko Sasaki appears in both comedies and serious dramas. With her highly skilled acitng skills and female charms, she has been a star actress. 




  FILE0011:Miyuki Komatsu   



After being active as a model for men's magazine, Miyuki Komatsu made her debut in 1992. She has appeared in many V-cinema videos. 

In 1997, she played a primitive woman in "Sinanthropus," and her acting skill was appraised by the audience.

She has such a young girl's face, slender body, and big breasts.  



  FILE0012:Kyoko Hashimoto   



From the end of 80's to the beginning of 90's, the greatest time of AV sales, most of people in the AV industory thought that pink movies would be gone in a few years. Luckily, pink movies survived it's hardest time, and they still keep coming out to the theatres.

In the difficult period of time for pink movies, there was an actress called, "the last actress for pink movies." It was Kyoko Hashimoto. People thought no better actress would appear after her. Kyoko made her debut as a nude model for men's magazine, then she appeared in her first film in 1984. With her cute smile and fine acting skills, she became popular quickly, and she appeared in about 20 films a year for a few years. She showed her petite beautiful body in the films completely, and she played many different types of women. 



  FILE0010:Hitomi Shiraishi   



Hitomi Shiraishi was born in Tokyo on December 25, 1971. With her perfect figure (,B 82cm, W 58cm and H 85cm), she became one of the most popular AV actresses of 1990s. She appeared in numerous TV programs, movies as well as V-cinemas. Her filmography includes movies such as "Sunbeam 2", "Inside The Bush", "Mary's Target", "Bullet Runner" as well as V-cinemas such as "Southern Emperor 6/City of Desire", "Lady Utamaro's Life", "Tokyo Giant Melons" and more!  



  FILE0009:Mayuko Hino   



Born in Tokyo in 1959, Mayuko Hino was influenced by a few people to become an actress and entertain people while she was in high school. 

After she graduated from high school, she went through intensive acting training. And then in 1978, she made her sensational AV debut in "Sexual Horoscope" from Nikkatsu.

Thereafter, she continued to work with the directors Mamoru Watanabe and Tomoaki Takahashi. Her filmography includes "13 Rape Victims," "Japanese Torture," "Sacred Virgin Tight Rope," "Scoop! Japanese Bondage," "Soaking Wet" and "Kidnap Rape."  



  FILE0008:Misa Johno   



Born in Shioka Prefecture in 1973, Misa Jono made her AV debut in "New World of Love" which portrayed the realistic everyday life of a fuzoku girl. Since then, she has appeared in numerous V-cinemas. Her filmography includes "History of Japanese Women's Struggles," "Give Back My Body," "Scandoll" and "Humiliating Peeping." In 1995, she starred in "Voracious Woman" in which she played an enigmatic beauty who goes wild in a hot spring. In 1996, she starred again in "Slippery Ecstasy." 



  FILE0007:Yashuko Yagami   



Yasuko Yagami was born in 1960 in Tokyo, Japan. After graduation from high school, she was spotted in the street of Shibuya by a scout. She debuted in the adult industry with a nude photo collection book "The Lady Next Door." Her debut record as a singer titled "Lonely Lullaby" was also released. She quickly became a popular icon. 



  FILE0006:Eri Kikuchi   



During the 20-year history of Japanese adult entertainment, the original big-breasted star is one and only Eri Kikuchi!

She was formerly a fuzoku girl working in hotels and soaplands. She also appeared in many underground porn flicks. Later, she became an AV actress.

With her dynamic body (B94cm, W60cm, H86cm) she instantly became a popular AV star. In 1986, she made her debut in "Miss 20 Year-Old Momoko"(Million). She then made this masterpiece film "Eri Kikuchi Big Tits"(Shin-Toho). Her nonchalant character with her sensational figure made such a great impact that she exploded into stardom. 



  FILE0005:Nakazawa Keiko   



We look back at the history of pink movies by introducing some of the famous directors and legendary actresses of the past. This time we introduce Keiko Nakazawa who made her AV debut in 1985 and became popular with her slender body and beautiful legs. Though she retired from the industry in 1989, many of us still treasure her memory. 



  FILE0004:Naomi Oka  



We take a look some of the past's great director and famous actresses who made-up the history of Pink Cinema. This time, we focus on the 1972 porn star, Naomi Oka, with her masterpiece "Sukeban Guerilla." She and Naomi Tani were the essence of the SM movies in the 70's. 






We look back on the history of pink cinema with stories that surround some of the famous director and actresses along with on-demand movies. This time, we introduce Eve (Yumiko Shindai) who celebrated her 15th Debut Anniversary last year. 



  FILE0002:Naomi Tani  



Naomi Tani is famous as a legendary SM Queen. Since her debut in 1967, she has released over one hundred pink movies. She became popular with hardcore sex scenes such as the rope play. In 1972, she joined Nikkatsu Romantic Pornography and attracted attention with six original SM movies. Here, we introduce two of her releases: "Naomi Tani's Breasts & Rope" and "Cruel Prosecutor. 


Kyoko Aizome




Kyoko Aizome performed in Director Shinya Yamamoto's "Molester's Subway" under the name of Kyoko Aoyama. In 1981, she made a formal debut with "Day Dream." She became the first "real sex" actress. After that, in addition to acting, she became active as a singer, AV director, and writer. Here, we introduce her recent releases since last year: "Widow of Pleasure" and "Nasty Female President."  


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