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Nathaniel Thompson

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Nathaniel Thompson runs http://www.mondo-digital.com/, a site dedicated to reviewing cult movies released on DVD. Very intelligent writing and vast.

From the faq:

Back in 1963, an Italian documentary (or, more accurately, shockumentary) called Mondo Cane, or A Dog's World, became a bit international hit and introduced the world "mondo" into English as referring to anything weird or uncommon. So our name means either "Digital World" or "Weird and Wild Digital." Take your pick. The site is based from Los Angeles, California, and began in March, 1998; while we tend to focus a lot on horror films from various countries, we cover any films that are unusual or off the beaten track in some way. Our coverage encompasses what have become termed "Psychotronic" movies (thanks to Michael J. Weldon), as well as foreign films (Kurosawa, Chabrol, Fellini, etc.), dark comedies, disastrous Hollywood misfires, and... well, you get the idea. However, a quick browse through here will quickly reveal that European horror and sleaze is a really, really big favorite here. Our e-mail address is mondodigtl@aol.com.

Why are so many offbeat films, horror and otherwise, showing up on DVD?

DVD is simply following the path of most video formats. The most common consumers of new video technology are male, and "guy movies" generally tend to sell better. Horror and adult films really made VHS what it is today (for what that's worth), and these genres likewise boosted laserdisc and are doing the same with DVD. Action films, horror, and strange cult items are the strongest sellers, with comedy also strongly in the running. It may be a while before you see a petition for Gandhi on DVD.

DVD Delirium: The International Guide To Weird And Wonderful Films On DVD (2004) - Nathaniel Thompson

DVD Delirium: The International Guide To Weird And Wonderful Films On DVD (2004) - Nathaniel Thompson [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Book Description
DVD Delirium by Nathaniel Thompson is a series of cross-referenced books. There are currently two editions available: Volume 1 and Volume 2 DVD DELIRIUM is the definitive - Region Free - guide to hundreds of DVD video releases from all over the globe. More than 1000 incredible films are reviewed in each issue of DVD Delirium - the world's first A-to-Z DVD guide series specially designed for collectors of cult, horror, science-fiction and fantasy movies. DVD is the ultimate home entertainment format, but it's a minefield for the serious collector. If fans want to know whether they should buy a particular film, these 640 page books will become their first points of reference. If these books save them from buying even one second-rate DVD, they will have paid for themselves right away! Plus, readers can discover masses of brilliant films they did not even know had been released! The world's most fascinating DVDs reviewed in depth by a team lead by a dedicated genre fan who is also an industry insider! Fully cross-referenced to compare DVD releases from all over the world, so it is of just as much value to customers in each DVD ""Region""; especially targetted at the North American market! These unique, stand-alone volumes in the DVD Delirium series are classics of 'weird' film criticism! They include major contributions from world-renowned film journalist Kim Newman and FAB Press regular Tim Greaves. Hundreds and hundreds of fantastic, delirious movies reviewed in depth!

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