Nico Gomez

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Nico Gomez

Nico Gomez' tracks have been compiled by James Vyner on Mr. Bongo, Russ Dewburry on Club Africa and Rainer Truby on Compost records

Nico Gomez is the father of Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, a well known Belgian artist.
> One of the best cuts on Russ Dewbery's awesome _Club Africa_ compilation is > "Ritual", by Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc. The liner notes say > this is the same band as Chakachas, & that they also recorded as "El > Chicles" (sic). I know there's a _Ritual_ album by Gomez et al.; anyone > know anything further discographical info about Nico, El Chicles, or > whatnot?
Laird, Werner & Nico Gomez - Comment Allez Vous
Laird, Werner & Nico Gomez - Copa Cabana
Laird, Werner & Nico Gomez - O Aquitiputa

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