Nicolai Beverungen


'The German dub/remix label ECHO BEACH (yes, owner Nicolai Beverungen named the label after the song) has released a tribute C.D. with 13 new remixes of MatM's best known song including ON A SILENT SUMMER EVENING, Martha and Mark's own deconstructed echo of the original, with help from sonic mixmaster Ed Wilson.

Select Cuts

Lucky coincidence, a combination of historically and geographically significant numbers led the former On-U Sound (African Head Charge , Dub Syndicate and Tackhead) and Crammed Discs (Zap Mama and Taraf De Haidouks) label manager Nicolai Beverungen to finally come into his own with his label Select Cuts. Founded in 1999 its bassy products are amongst the finest you will find filed under Dub. Dub, meaning an undogmatic plumbing of the depths of the genre, is the guiding star shining its light on all of the to date 5 releases on Select Cuts. Witness the press, writing about Select Cuts and its label's finest output Select Cuts from Blood & Fire chapter 1: Good music by good people and musicians: Select Cuts provides a home for Dub & Co. --




  1. Wild Dub - Dread Meets Punk Rocker - Various Artists [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Jah war - Ruts 2. Bankrobber (dub version) - Clash 3. Wild dub - Generation X 4. Immigrant dub - Basement 5 5. Turn to red - Killing Joke 6. One of the lads (dub version) - 4 Be 2s 7. Typical girls (Brink style dub) - Slits 8. Private armies (dub version) - Goldman, Vivien 9. Red beat - Red Beat 10. Death disco - Public Image Ltd. 11. Where there is a will - Pop Group 12. Bloody dub - Stiff Little Fingers 13. Private life (dub version) - Jones, Grace [...]

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