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Dangerous animals at night: vampire - werewolf - zombie

Films containing night: The Nightporter (1974) - Night of the Living Dead (1968)

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At night, in nightclubs, cabarets and music halls, the underworld of pimps and prostitutes, drug dealers and criminals meet the bourgeoisie. [Apr 2006]

Starry Night over the Rhone (1888) - Van Gogh
Oil on canvas; 72,5 x 92 cm
Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Night of the Living Dead (1968) - George A. Romero [Amazon.com]


Night is the time when a location is facing away from the Sun, and thus dark.

Throughout most of history, night was primarily a time of rest, because little work can be done in the dark. As artificial lighting has improved, night-time activity has increased and become a significant part of the economy in many places.

Night is often associated with danger, because bandits and dangerous animals can be concealed by darkness. The belief in magic often includes the idea that magic, or magicians, are more powerful at night. Similarly, vampires and werewolves are thought to be more active at night. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night [Jul 2004]

Europa di notte (1959) - Alessandro Blasetti

  • Europa di notte (1959) - Alessandro Blasetti


    Writing credits
    Ennio De Concini
    Gualtiero Jacopetti

    Europe by Night (1959)
    European Nights (1963) (USA)
    Nuits d'Europe (1959) (France)

    This is not a sequel to "Mondo di notte" but rather a film made in the same year. Gualtiero Jacopetti has the writing credits for "Mondo di notte" (1959) but did not direct that movie. Although Gualtiero Jacopetti did influence all this sorts of films, he did not direct all of them. This movie is a potpourri of contemporary nightclub acts, in Europe. --Artemis-9 via imdb.com

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