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Nikkatsu Roman Porn

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Nikkatsu Corporation

Nikkatsu Corporation is a Japanese entertainment company well known for its film and television productions. The name Nikkatsu is an abbreviation of Nippon Katsud? Shashin, literally "Japan Moving Photographs". Its film studio was formed in 1912, making it Japan's oldest major film studo. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikkatsu_Corporation [May 2005]

Roman Porn

Black Snow became the first of a number of similar cases in which the world of cinema clashed against the courts. These included the Nikkatsu Roman Porno case between 1972 and '78 (Roman Porno was an erotic product line created by the studio and designed to package the pinku within a more commercially accessible format typified by Chusei Sone's 1972 offering Hellish Love / Seidan Botandoro 1972 and Noboru Tanaka's The Abe Sada Story / Jitsuroku: Abe Sada, in 1975), and the infamous trial surrounding Nagisa Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses (Ai No Koriida 1976) in the late 70s. --Jasper Sharp, http://www.midnighteye.com/features/focus_takechi.shtml


by Roland Domenig

In no other country has the sexploitation film played a more important role than in Japan. Even directors not usually associated with sexploitation - Oguri Kohei, Suwa Nobuhiro, Sakamoto Junji and Aoyama Shinji - began as assistant directors or scriptwriters on pink eiga productions. If the directors who emerged from the Nikkatsu variant Roman Porno - Negishi Kichitaro, Kaneko Shusuke, Nakahara Shun, Ishii Takashi, Sai Yoichi, Morita Yoshimitsu, Higashi Yoichi and Somai Shinji - are included, the list of pink eiga filmmakers could stand as a representative digest of Japanese cinema over the past decade. --Roland Domenig, [Aug 2004]

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