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Noise music

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Noise music is music using sounds regarded as unpleasant or painful. [Jan 2006]


Noise music is a term that succinctly sums up this genre by its name alone. Noise music is loosely related to industrial music, sharing its DIY ethos, independence and ethic of using "non-musical" sources. Often punishing and abrasive, Noise music can be difficult listening, ranging from the free-form extreme electronic music of Whitehouse and Merzbow to the more sculptured sounds of Otomo Yoshihide. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noise_music [2004]

Art of Noise

To most people, “The Art of Noise” means one thing: British superproducer Trevor Horn's early-'80s studio group and their still-cool hit “Close to the Edit.” But the band's moniker was taken from the name of an artistic manifesto written in 1913 by a painter-turned-composer named Luigi Russolo, a member of the now-legendary Italian Futurist movement. The Futurists were strident iconoclasts who sought to represent the Machine Age staples of speed, noise and progress through aggressive, dynamic art and music. -- James Rotondi http://remixmag.com/ar/remix_luigi_russolo/

(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art of Noise! (1984) - Art of Noise

  1. (Who's Afraid Of?) The Art of Noise! (1984) - Art of Noise [Amazon.com]
    The early 1980s was dominated by synthetic and sampling technology. Brands like New England Digital's Synclavier, the Fairlight and Ensoniq could be found in many hi-tech recording studios. Crisp, thudding electronic drum sounds appeared on so many of the single of the time.
    This album received a lot of critical attention on its 1984 release. A production genius -- Trevor Horn -- was on the march, and this LP was expected to give more insight into his methods. Up to this point, he had done some staggering work for Yes with '90125', Frankie Goes to Hollywood ('... Pleasuredome') and, I think, Grace Jones. Compressed orchestral samples -- as in Yes's 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' single -- were his trademark.
    The Art of Noise was his backing band / production staff / co-composers -- call them what you will -- and this was their first showcase. Every sample is polished until it shines and sparkles. In the UK, 'Close (to the edit)' was the single that drew the record-buying public to the album, and 'Moments in Love' provided the justification for buying it. But the rest, although a couple of years ahead of its time, now sounds dated. The album provided a great demonstration of one possible musical future -- a future centred on sampling technology.
    'Moments in Love' is a classic track that deserves all the praise heaped upon it by other reviewers here. Much credit is due to Anne Dudley, who went on to write material such as the soundtrack for 'The Full Monty'.

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