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Non mainstream

A list of adjectives indicating 'non mainstream': aberrant - absurd - abnormal - alternative - avant-garde - banned - bizarre - clandestine - controversial - cult - degenerate - deviant - different - disgusting - eccentric - elitist - esoteric - excessive - extravagance - exotic - forbidden - gratuitous - grotesque - hermetic - hidden - illegal - illicit - incongruous - independent - kinky - ludicrous - macabre - monstrous - obscure - occult - offbeat - offensive - original - outlandish - outsider - perverse - queer - rare - strange - subversive - supernatural - surreal - taboo - transgressive - travesty - ugly - uncanny - unconventional - underground - unusual - weird

Compare with: mainstream


  • Aberrant: Deviating from what is normal
  • Alternative: Existing outside traditional or established institutions or systems
  • Avant Garde: radically new or original
  • Bizarre: Strikingly unconventional and far-fetched in style or appearance.
  • Counter culture: a term that came in vogue in the fifties
  • Cult: an exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest.
  • Deviant: Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society.
  • Different: Unlike in form, quality, amount, or nature; dissimilar
  • Disgusting: To offend the taste or moral sense of; repel
  • Eccentric: Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern.
  • Elitist
  • Esoteric: Intended for or understood by only a particular group
  • Excessive
  • Exotic: Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange
  • Hermetic
  • Hidden
  • Independent: as in indie rock, independent cinema
  • Kinky: Showing or appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes, especially of a sexual or erotic nature.
  • Obscure
  • Occult: Available only to the initiate; secret
  • Offbeat: Not conforming to an ordinary type or pattern; unconventional: offbeat humor.
  • Offensive: disgusting, loathsome, nasty, repellent, repulsive, revolting, vile
  • Original: Not derived from something else; fresh and unusual
  • Queer: Odd or unconventional, as in behavior; eccentric. See Synonyms at strange.
  • Rare: Of an uncommon nature; unusually excellent; valuable to a degree seldom found
  • Strange: Differing from the normal.
  • Subcultural: A subculture is a set of people with distinct behavior and beliefs within a larger culture.
  • Taboo: Excluded or forbidden from use, approach, or mention
  • Transgressive: Exceeding a limit or boundary, especially of social acceptability
  • Unconventional; Not adhering to convention; out of the ordinary.
  • Underground: hidden, clandestine, secret, illegal
  • Weird: Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.


    Deviating from the customary: bizarre, cranky, curious, eccentric, erratic, freakish, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, queer, quirky, singular, strange, unnatural, unusual, weird. Slang kooky, screwball. British Slang rum, rummy2. See usual/unusual. --Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition

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