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Norman Jay


From one of the original founding forces behind Talkin' Loud Records, and UK clubs such as Shake and Finger Pop and High On Hope, Norman Jay has been one of the most influential UK club culture figures in history.

Rare Groove [...]

Norman Jay's 'The Original Rare Groove Show' on Kiss FM - then still a pirate station reintroduced seventies funk tracks and plenty of obscure rarities, coining the term rare groove.

Good Times Sound System [...]

Loft Compilation on Nuphonic, vol 2 A fitting tribute to two of the most important DJs in London over the past 20 years! Sure, Gilles Peterson has a worldwide radio show, Russ Dewbury's got his Afro funk grooves, and Keb Darge has redefined the funk scene -- but way before any of them Norman Jay was blowing out the rare grooves in London, hipping that city to a motherlode of great soul and funk back when most folks were still twiddling with post-punk club tracks or bad knock-off acid house records. Teamed with his brother Joey, the pair has been a seminal part of the Notting Hill carnival every year -- as their Good Times Sound System pumps out a mix of club, soul, reggae, and funk as a never-ending soundtrack for this massive annual party.

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    1. Good Times vol.1 - Joey Jay & Norman Jay [US] [UK] [FR]
      Disc: 1 1. Open Up - Chic 2. Don't Let Love Get You Down - Bell, Archie&The Drells 3. I Hear Music in the Streets - Unlimited Touch 4. Summertime - MFSB 5. Mission Impossible - Lee, Byron&The Drag 6. Ali Baba - Holt, John 7. Prophecy - Fabian 8. Rebel Without a Pause - Public Enemy 9. Sound of da Police - 'KRS-One 10. Feel Like Jumping - Griffiths, Marcia 11. I Heard That - Russ, Eddie 12. Runaway - The Salsoul Orchest 13. Runawtoo Blind to See It' [Hurley's House Mix] - Sims, Kym 14. Spread Love [Classic Vocal Mix] - Fontana, Lenny Disc: 2 1. Thank You [MAW Mix] - Winas, BeBe 2. Fearless - Incognito 3. El Bobo - Lewis, Webster 4. Joyous - Pleasure 5. Funky Nassau - Munnings, Ray 6. Stone to the Bone [7"Version] - Brown, James 7. The Nicest [Instrumental] - Off, I.G. & The Haz 8. Hanging on a String [Conteplating] [Extended Dance Mix] - Loose Ends 9. Greater Love - Nu Colours 10. Optimistic [Album Version] - Sound Of Blackness 11. Just Us - Two Ton 12. If You Really Love Me - Wonder, Stevie 13. Califronia Soul - Shaw, Marlena --Nuphonic
    2. Good Times vol.2 - Joey Jay & Norman Jay [US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      1. Bourgie bourgie - Knight, Gladys & The Pips 2. For the love of the money - O'Jays 3. Can you feel it - Funk Fusion Band 4. Whip - Ethiopians 5. Ballistic affair - Smart, Leroy 6. Know how - Young MC 7. Ain't no mountain high enough - Inner Life 8. It's alright - NuYorican Soul 9. You will survive - Fiori, Johnnie 10. All I have in me (Musiquarium mix) - Young Disciples (2) 11. Time waits for no one - Carne, Jean 12. Scrappy - Wookie 13. Breathing light - Sawhney, Nitin 14. Kool down - Tenth & Parker/Mark Murphy 15. Love I lost - Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes 16. Keep it up - Wright, Milton 17. Nothing but a heartache - Flirtations 18. One to grow on (growin' like weeds) - UMC's 19. Vulture - Siffre, Labi 20. Always there - Side Effect 21. Soul Heaven - Deep Sensation 22. Over and over - Sylvester (1) 23. Never like this - Two Tons Of Fun 24. Still in love - Rose Royce
    3. Journeys by DJ - Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay [2CD, Amazon US]
      1. Dingwalls 2. What's Wrong With Groovin 3. Comfy Club 4. Submersible 5. Love Supreme 6. Yves Eaux 7. Fedime's Flight 8. One Starry Night 9. Carnival Supreme 10. Gabriel 11. My Beat 12. Jazz With Altitude 13. Breakbeat Terror 14. It's Jazzy 15. Disorientation 16. Ding Ding Ding 17. Wondering 18. Black Gold Of The Sun 19. Windy City Theme 20. Make Me Believe In You 21. Wanted, Dead, Or Alive 22. Afro Latin Concrete 23. Family Tree (Disco Version ) 24. Breakin In Space 25. Calm Down 26. Maneater 27. If It Don't Turn You On 28. Little People 29. Watermelon Man 30. Jammin' To The End Of Time 31. Love Supreme 32. Stars 33. Blacker Revisited 34. De- Funky Dumpy 35. Truth
    4. Good Times Vol.3 (2003) - Norman Jay [Amazon UK] [Amazon US]
      Well here it is - as exclusively announced last night on Giant 45 - the tracklisting of the long awaited GOOD TIMES 3 compilation (double) album and cd on React which should be instore around the 18th August 2003. It's been nearly two years since our last comp for the sadly now defunct (and much missed) NUPHONIC RECORDS.

      But needs must and times move on. After initial interest from various (UK) record companies, JOEY and I felt that REACT RECORDS should be the NEW natural home for our beloved Good Times project. And after meeting up with their enthusiastic and friendly, knowledgeable staff, we KNEW we'd made the right decision to join them. The've done a fantastic job in helping us with this compilation and we are both well pleased with the outcome - and this particular set and feel that's it's our STRONGEST (not to mention) BEST compilation effort yet!

      Many months ago I submitted over 75 titles for possible inclusion on this set as it takes that long to 'clear' requested tracks. I also know it's never possible - for various reasons - to obtain ALL the tracks you'd like for a compilation (now that would be heaven!) but we are MORE than happy with this selection.

      We encountered a few (expected) 'knockbacks' from certain major record companies for ARETHA and MARVIN stuff (not available or too expensive or both) and some classic hip hop tracks too. We also drew blanks on certain obscure underground US label material (lost masters etc) as well. The licencing departments simply couldn't (or wouldn't) trace certain producers/artists who owned the original copyright on certain tracks so that meant those type of tracks were out also.

      It was an agonising decision trying to decide which tracks to leave out. In the end we managed to whittle it down to the following 30 tracks...

      Good Times 3 tracklisting...

      CD 1.
       1.  I NEED IT - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
       2.  RIGHT ON - Clarenece Wheeler & The Enforcers
       3.  THINKING ABOUT YOUR LOVE - Skipworth & Turner
       4.  PRAISIN' HIS NAME - Jasper Street Company
       5.  TRAIN TO SKAVILLE - Ethiopians
       6.  RING THE ALARM - Tenor Saw 
       7.  LOOKING AT THE FRONT DOOR - Main Source
       8.  IF I LOST YOU - Michelle Shapprow (previously unreleased)
       9.  SUNSHOWER - Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
      10. YOU CAN'T HIDE LOVE - Creative Source
       11. CALIFORNIA SOUL - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 
       12. LIVE IN ME - Rufus & Chaka Khan
       13.  I REALLY LOVE YOU - Heaven & Earth 
       14.  MY FIRST MISTAKE - The Chi-lites
       15. DROP IT (2002 re-edit) - Bushy
       1. THE PRESSURE (Part 2) - The Sound Of Blackness
       2. LOVE FOOLOSOPHY (acoustic version) - Jamiroquai (previously unreleased)
       3. I WANNA BE WITH YOU - Doc Severinsen 
       4. STORIES - Full Flava feat.Carleen Anderson
       5. LOVE STORIES - Jennifer Holiday
       6. WILD FIRE - John Holt & Dennis Brown
       7. UNHOOKED GENERATION - Freda Payne
       8. SUNDAY MORNING PEOPLE - Honey Cone
       9. DANCE DANCE DANCE - The Casualeers
      10. WISH I DIDN'T MISS YOU (Pound Boys Mix) - Angie Stone (previously unreleased)
      11. I GOTTA HAVE YOU LOVE  - Virtual Suspects feat.Gwen McCrae
      12. YOU DAZZLE ME - Dazzle
      13. I NEED YOU NOW - Sinnamon
      14. WALK IN THE NIGHT - Junior Walker & The All Stars
      15. IT'S GREAT TO BE HERE - Jackson 5
      The album will also be available on LIMITED EDITION QUADRUPLE VINYL containing approximately 16 plus tracks (tracklisting not known at present). There will also be a series of LIMITED EDTION collectable 7" SINGLES to compliment the release of the album as well. Again, the proposed titles are not known at present but as soon as I know - you will too!. So there you have it - a pretty impressive and eclectic collection we think. The album really does reflect what Good Times is all about. Can't wait till it's out there! Your comments/reviews will be most welcome. Just post them under the relevant thread in the crate diggers forum. laterz! Norman Jay MBE

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