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Nuit de Chine

Images Interdites (1989) - Yves Frémion, Bernard Joubert [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
Cover image by Roland Topor


Nuit de Chine
Place Fontainas 26 - 1000 Bruxelles


  • Amour - érotisme et cinéma (1957) - Ado Kyrou
  • Images Interdites (1989) - Yves Frémion, Bernard Joubert
    L’histoire de la censure au cinéma, dans les journaux, les revues, les affiches et les livres.
  • Fascination 27 (1985)

    Hugues, the owner of Nuit de Chine (Hugues Delwart?) told me that Yoshifumi Hayashi lives and works in Paris. Supposedly he guides Japanese tourists in a Paris museum.

    Lots of Pichard albums, japanese bondage magazines, issues of Fascination, old issues of Maniac, eroticism in cinema, erotic fiction, dvds, vhs, comics.

    Nuit de Chine appears to be the Brussels equivalent of Un Regard Moderne, in Paris. Is there an equivalent in other cities around the world? [Feb 2005]

    Nuit de Chine, erotic bookstore, Brussels, Belgium


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