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"I want the bomb. I want the P-Funk. I want my funk uncut."


P-Funk is an abbreviated, compound name for two bands, Parliament and Funkadelic. It describes a great many offshoot groups and solo musicians.

Originally, "P-Funk" was simply a slang expression for two George Clinton bands with members in common, first Parliament, and then Funkadelic. The two groups often are referred to jointly as "Parliament-Funkadelic".

P-funk is also an abbreviation for "pure funk," a genre of music embodied by the Clinton bands; and "Plainfield Funk", referring to Plainfield, New Jersey, Parliament's hometown.

The breakout popularity of Parliament-Funkadelic also led to a broader application of "P-funk" to mean something in its quintessence, of superior quality, or sui generis, as in the lyrics from "P-Funk", a hit single from Parliament's album Mothership Connection:

"I want the bomb. I want the P-Funk. I want my funk uncut." --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-funk [Jan 2005]

The Mothership Connection () - Parliament

  • The Mothership Connection () - Parliament [Amazon.com]
    Mothership Connecton was the album that put P-Funk on the map. It was an all or nothing project for George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic. Mr. Clinton invested a large sum of money, into this conceptual project, luckily it was very successful. This album contains hit after hit of classic funk material. An eclectic blend of funk, jazz, blues and gospel are all rolled into this album. The title track is classic funk. Listen to the drum virtuosity of Jerome Brailey and you will understand why he was and still is one of the best drummers in music. The choral vocals, tight horns and booming bass playing of Bootsy Collins make this and album that must be heard. -- Orlando Bryant

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