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Padlock EP (1983) - Gwen Guthrie

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Padlock EP (1983) - Gwen Guthrie
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Featured on Mastercuts classic mix vol. 1

The mixes Larry's does for Island with Sly and Robbie and Gwen Guthrie in 1982/1983 are among the most exciting records of that era. The Padlock mini-LP which was released in 1983 on the Garage label and includes 'Hopscotch', 'Seventh heaven', 'Getting hot', 'Peanut butter' and ends with the brilliant title track 'Padlock'. The sleeve of the German Island pressing was done by Tony Wright, who was also responsible for Lee Perry's 'Return Of Superape' cover art.


Padlock EP on Garage records, mixed by Larry Levan, a compilation of previously 12 inch releases on Island material with Sly and Robbie. Seventh Heaven, Peanut Butter, Getting Hot, Hop Scotch are tracks which make you want to BOOGIE. :)

Credits: Engineer - Steven Stanley
Engineer [Assistant] - Benji Armbrister , Robert Morety
Producer - Sly & Robbie
Remix - Larry Levan
Notes: Featuring Gwen Guthrie on vocals, Sly & Robbie as the rhythm section, Wally Badarou on keys and Darryl Thompson on guitars.
A1 Peanut Butter Prelude (0:20)
A2 Hopscotch (8:12)
A3 Seventh Heaven (7:26)
A4 Getting Hot (4:34)
Producer - Steven Stanley
B1 Getting Hot Prelude (0:15)
B2 Peanut Butter (6:04)
B3 Padlock (6:54)

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