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Pam Todd & Love Exchange

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Together (1979) - Pam Todd & Gold Bullion Band

Together (1979) - Pam Todd & Gold Bullion Band

1. Pam Todd -- Together (reissue) . . . LP . . Channel/P-Vine (Japan), Late 70's An incredible piece of spacey club funk from the great Pam Todd! The record features remakes of two tracks from the Greg Carmichael years -- the funky moog classics "Makin Love" and "Let's Get Together" -- plus a number of other cuts that have a very similar feel, and which were arranged by Garry Sherman in a very P&P groove! Titles include "Baise Moi", "You & Me Together", and "Ain't Go Nobody" -- and the album's an amazing batch of long club tracks, with a stripped-down funky groove that clearly points the way to 80s house, but which also has the most soulful side of the 70s scene! (NOTE: These copies have some banged up corners on the covers -- but the vinyl should be fine. Think of it this way: you're getting a formerly expensive Japanese import at a nice low price because of the covers!) (This item is found on the Dusties Warehouse: Soul/Funk LP (S-Z and Various) page.)


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