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Pamela Green

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Pamela Green
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Pamela Green (born March 28, 1932) rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s as a British glamour model and actress. She founded Kamera and other publications with her then husband, photographer Harrison Marks. She appeared in the film Peeping Tom, directed by Michael Powell. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pamela_Green

If you were an aficionado of the female form in 1950s America, the name of Betty Page was probably at the top of your list. If you were an aficionado living in Britain, however, your list would be topped by another name - Pamela Green. While Betty Page virtually dropped from sight in 1957, after less than a decade of modeling, Pamela continued until the late 1970s, enjoying a career that spanned four decades. During this time she was the subject of what I consider to be the most striking photographs of the female nude ever done. Far from being merely "girlie pictures", these photos were elevated to a level formerly only occupied by oil paintings. Pamela worked with a number of prominent photographers and produced, like Bunny Yeager in America, a great deal of her own work. She combined the skills of a dancer, painter and model with her God-given beauty and created a vast body of work that stands as an unequaled monument to taste and talent. --T.H. Pine via http://www.pamela-green.com/artofthenude.html [Jun 2005]

Kamera (magazine)
Kamera was launched in 1957. It was a pocket sized monthly publication. The models featured were hand picked by George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green, who had the uncanny knack of selecting just the right girls. Some of these girls - June Palmer, Paula Page, Lorraine Burnett, Vicky Kennedy, Marie Devereaux and Rosa Dolmai - were to become celebrities in their own right.

Within two days of the launch of the first issue of Kamera, the initial 15,000 print run was sold out. A re-run led to 150,000 copies being sold in five weeks.

George's photographic mastery and Pamela's creative skills led to Kamera changing the face of glamour photography. They seemed to have a natural ability to capture the spirit of the age and, to some extent, guide it. Kamera, though titillating, was imbued with dignity and beauty. Sales of the Kamera calendars were phenomenal. George's fascination with theatre and cinema gave the photos a dramatic and live quality which set them apart from other contemporary glamour imagery. -- http://www.pamela-green.com/kamera.live [Jun 2005]

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George Harrison Marks (1926 - 1997)

George Harrison Marks (August 6, 1926 - June 27, 1997) was a British glamour photographer at the height of his productivity from the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s.

With his then wife, the model and actress Pamela Green, he founded the Kamera group of magazines. Besides Pamela Green, his most popular models were probably June Palmer and Vicky Kennedy, who under her birth name of Margaret Nolan, went on to be an actress, in Carry On, Bond and other films, in the theatre and on TV, notably in Steptoe and Son. He also made a number of short films and the full length [nudie film] Naked - as Nature Intended.

Marks also published erotic spanking material such as Kane magazine, and a number of spanking films.

He was the photographic consultant for the film Peeping Tom, which also featured Pamela Green in a cameo role. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrison_Marks [Jun 2006]

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