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Paolo Roversi

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Paolo Roversi: Studio () - Paolo Roversi
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Born September 25, 1947 in Ravenna, Italy, Paolo Roversi‘s debut in photography was as a reporter at the age of 20, concentrating mostly on portraiture. It was only several years later that he became interested in fashion photography in Paris, where he is living and working since 1973. In 1980, when Polaroid released their instant 8 x 10" film Paolo Roversi found his landmark and over the years his work has appeared in many magazines on the international circuit: Harper’s Bazaar, ID, Interview, Uomo Vogue, British and Italian editions of Vogue and W. Advertising campaigns signed by him include : Georgio Armani, Cerruti 1881, Comme des Garçons, Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti, Romeo Gigli, Givenchy, Krizia, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto. He has also directed commercials including Dim, Evian, Gervais, Kenzo, Woolmark. In 1993 he published an exhibition catalogue named Angeli inspired by his many travels in India and the Middle East. His first book, Nudi, nude portraits of model passing through his studio since 1982 was published in September 1999 and a year after followed Libretto ; a small book based on Comme des Garçons fashion. Paolo Roversi is currently working on a mayor publication called Studio with studio shoots from twenty-five years of photography. In conjunction with the catalogue “Angeli” Paolo Roversi showed the images at Camera Obscura Gallery in Paris. The pictures from the two publications “Libretto” and “Nudi” were shown simultaneously at Carla Sozzani Gallery in Milan. Releasing “Studio” an exhibition will follow at Pace MacGill’s Gallery in New York. --http://www.paoloroversi.com/bio.pdf [May 2004]


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    As Paolo Roversi eloquently explains, "Studio is my life, my work, my way to deal with photography. It is not only a place, a space, a theater of imagination. Studio is a feeling, a state of mind, it's a way to look for the truth. Studio is everywhere I put my camera on the tripod, it's every moment I am in search of beauty and love. Studio is my observatory, through [whose] lenses I watch the universe." In more than 100 photographs, this book tells the story of a place, a kind of work, and the way it is done. It is a kind of diary of the spirit, in which stage and back-stage and secret images mix together in a fascinating atmosphere of beauty, mystery, and magic.

    About the Author
    Paolo Roversi was born in 1947 in Italy. He currently lives in Paris, photographs for Harper's Bazaar, and has led numerous publicity campaigns for such illustrious clients as Christian Dior, Cerruti, Valentino, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Comme des Garçons

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