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Party People (1988) - Todd Terry


It was into this exciting and transitional environment that a a young, would-be producer walked up to [Louie] Vega and handed him a cassette.
"This guy came up to the booth and said, 'My name is Todd Terry. I just wanted to give you these new jams.'"

The night was drawing to a close, so Vega had a quick listen to the track that was about to turn Terry into New York's hottest house producer. "I was like, 'Wow! This is powerful!'" With its quick-fire sampling techniques and harder beats, 'Party People' introduced an edgy, hip hop aesthetic to the Chicago house sound, and Vega wasted little time in securing a reel-to-reel copy. "There was an instant reaction on the dance floor," he remembers. "I was playing 'Party People' six to nine months before it came out, so I got everybody into that sound." --Tim Lawrence, 2000

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