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Paul Marko

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Punk 77, Paul Marko's excellent webpage on the early UK punk scene. According to Marko, punk died the minute the Clash signed to CBS...

Paul Marko's intro to Lee Perry

Perry has made thousands of recordings, both under his own name and, like many reggae artistes, a variety of aliases. However, his solo output needs treating with caution. Reggae is a notoriously documentation-free environment, with such arcane notions as copyright barely getting a look-in (the usual trick is to credit a covered song as ‘adapted’ to avoid paying copyright fees), and conflicting accounts of who recorded what, where, with and for whom. Therefore the market is flooded with dubious quality recordings claiming to be by Perry, while his real connection is that he walked past the studio. Once.

For the uninitiated, the best way to approach Lee Perry/Scratch/The Upsetter is to check out ‘Super Ape’, a set from 1976, or track down a copy of ‘Arkology’, a box-set from 3 years back which, while exhaustive, contains my own Perry fave ‘Words’, by Perry and Anthony ‘Sangie’ Davis. Until you know you like the taste, best to avoid his late 80’s/90’s work, from what I call his ‘Permanent Red-Eye’ period. -- Paul Marko

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