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Pedro Bell

Electric Spanking War Babies (1981) - Funkadelic [Amazon.com]
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Cosmic Slop (1973) - Funkadelic [Amazon.com]

Pedro Bell Interview

(From Roctober #11, 1994)

No band has had more outrageous looks, costumes, masks, shows and grooves than Funkadelic and the other bands in their family (Parliament, Bootsy's Rubber Band and the rest). And after George Clinton, the man in charge, no one else left a more indelible mark on the space age crazoid imagery associated with the best Funkadelic music than cover artist Pedro Bell. In 1971 Pedro was a young man kickin' around college radio, hearing (and "borrowing") the new records that were dropping, when Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain" came in. As soon as he heard it he knew he'd found the sound and contacted the band. He did local promotion and flyers for them and when they came to their first Chicago show to a packed mixed race house at the University of Chicago's Mandel Hall he met the band and was soon doing the colorful, freaky, futuristic raw, marker and mixed media collage-heavy cover art for albums for all the Funkadelic and George Clinton solo LP's from "Cosmic Slop" (1973) to "R&B Skeletons in the Closet" (1986). In addition to that artwork, he's tried his hand at animation, screenwriting, comic books and his own music. Currently of his many musical projects the one he's most excited about is Tripzilla, which will be released as soon as a label can meet his artistic terms-a gatefold vinyl edition to display is artwork is a necessity! A score or so after that original historic P-Funk set, Roctober's Jake Austen, Randy Lancelot and James Porter sat down in the cafeteria in Mandel Hall and talked about his glorious history. Without further ado, let's let the Bell ring out... --http://www.roctober.com/roctober/greatness/pfunk.html

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