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Peter Brown

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'Sounds of New York, USA' records, one of the many labels Peter Brown and Patrick Adams ran from the mid seventies to the early eighties. Other labels include 'Queen Constance' records, 'Heavenly Star' records, 'Chocolate Star' records, 'Jay Star' records , 'P&P' records, usually classics of low-budget charm , e.g. label says 33rpm on a 45rpm recording, raps out of time, drummers losing the beat, and sound like your dad's garage, ... but some tracks shone through as a real underground gems. In 1982, S.O.N.Y records crossed over to the pop charts with the Tony Humphries mixed 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life'. [Jul 2006]

Glenn Larusso

Mr Larusso represents Peter Brown at 212 -951-3029 SALSOUL RECORDS

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