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Peter Mendes

Peter Mendes

Clandestine Erotic Fiction in English, 1800-1930: A Bibliographic Study (1993) - Peter Mendes

This work provides bibliographical descriptions of all printings of erotic fiction issued clandestinely during the period 1800-1930. By "clandestine" the author means books whose publishers and printers attempt to hide their identies, usually by offering title pages whose misleading places and dates of publication may shock and amuse, but which always aim to mystify. Using internal and external evidence, an attempt is made to establish who were the printers, booksellers and publishers, English and Continental, involved in this trade. The printing families or "groups" into which a large percentage of the material falls are classified, accompanied by illustrations which identify the main printing characteristics ("house styles") of the groups. Bibliographical descriptions follow a checklist of clandestine catalogues - these provide important evidence for dating, pricing and sales "sales pitch" and information on items of which no copies can now be traced. The work concludes with a series of appendices which provide significant external evidence, and three indexes: of themes, titles and names. Peter Mendes' research builds on and extends the pioneering work of the Victorian collector and bibliographer H.S. Ashbee, "Pisanus Fraxi". --Clandestine Erotic Fiction in English, 1800-1930: A Bibliographic Study (1993) - Peter Mendes [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

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