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Pétrus Borel (1809 - 1859)

Lifespan: 1809 - 1859

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Pétrus Borel, sometimes known as Borel d'Hauterive (26 June 1809 - 14 July 1859) was a French writer of the Romantic movement.

Born Joseph-Pierre Borel at Lyons, the 12 of 14 children of an ironmonger, he studed architecture in Paris but abandoned it for literature. Nicknamed le Lycanthrope ("wolfman"), and the center of the circle of Bohemians in Paris, he was noted for extravagant and eccentric writing, foreshadowin Surrealism. He was not commercially successful though, and eventually was found a minor civil service post by his friends, including Théophile Gautier.

He died at Mostaganem in Algeria. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrus_Borel [Jul 2005]

Champavert : Contes immoraux (1833) - Pétrus Borel

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