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Phil Cheeseman

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Written by Phil Cheeseman for DJ magazine in the late eighties, "The History of House" was one of the first written exploration of house music and has been an invaluable document in writing this site. I found it at hyperreal in 1995/1996 at Hyperreal.org and it's been there ever since, which is rare in internet world. [Jan 2007]


One of the first music journalists in the UK to cover dance music back in the mid-eighties, Phil Cheeseman has been a constant figure on the dance scene ever since.

From introducing the likes of Ten City, Marshall Jefferson and Todd Terry to readers of the then Record Mirror, Phil became a founding writer on 2001 dancestar award winning DJ Magazine, where his reviews and features can still be found today.

Now, with interest in the label leading to increased opportunities and requests to DJ, Phil is rekindling a DJ career that began back in 1990 in a Clapham wine bar when he had to make an emergency substitution after a friend who was manning the decks was forced to abandon ship after accidentally dropping a tab of acid. Some of the gigs since then have been a little more prestigious, with highlights at New York’s famed Shelter playing as support to Louie Vega and accompanied by keyboard legend David Cole of Clivilles and Cole, a memorable night at Pacha in Portugal with David Morales and Azuli’s David Piccioni, the momentous Hard Times at Bagleys, PopKomm, Cologne with MAW, Pacha, Ibiza with Roger Sanchez….

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