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2004, Aug 16; 10:53 ::: William Klein

Broadway and 103 rd Street. New York (1955) William Klein

William Klein is well known as an innovative fashion photographer (who began with Vogue in 1954) and a groundbreaking, often confrontational chronicler of urban life. He has also been a successful filmmaker, with numerous titles to his credit including the widely admired documentary "Muhammad Ali, The Greatest." Klein's photographs have been extensively exhibited at galleries in Europe and the United States since early in his career, and he has been featured in solo exhibitions at museums such as the Stedelijk in Amsterdam, the New York Museum of Modern Art, and the Centre Beaubourg in Paris. -- [Aug 2004]


The Provincial Museum of Photography uses photographs, pieces of equipment and other object and documents to illustrate the history of this technique and art. It is one of the world’s major museums in the genre.

The basis of the collection was put together in 1965 for an exhibition at the Sterckxhof Museum (in the district of Deurne, then art and crafts museum). There the collection grew until it became a permanent film and photography section. In 1986 it was given a home of its own in the renovated ‘Vlaanderen’, or Flanders, warehouse, again in the district known as the Zuid.

Visitors can peruse such items as the photographic album of the World Fair in London (1851). A portable developing cabinet, the Dubroni cameras and an automatic stereoscope dating from 1905, also merit a special mention.

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