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The Piano Teacher (2001) - Michael Haneke

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    The Piano Teacher (2001) - Michael Haneke [Amazon.com]
    Director Michael Haneke's adaptation of the novel by Elfriede Jelinek follows the disturbing descent into madness of a middle-aged, sexually repressed piano instructor (Isabelle Huppert), as her experiments with voyeurism and self-mutilation lead to an eventual affair with an attractive young student who mistakes her insanity for affection. --Amazon.com

    In one disturbing scene in Michael Haneke's film The Piano Teacher, Isabelle Huppert sits on the edge of a bath, lifts up her skirt and points a mirror between her legs. Then she takes a razor blade and starts to cut herself. A trickle of blood runs down the side of the bath. Just then we hear her mother calling, "Dinner's ready!" "I'm coming!" replies Huppert. --Amazon.com --Director Michael Haneke talks sadomasochism with Stuart Jeffries, Thursday May 24, 2001, The Guardian, http://film.guardian.co.uk/interview/interviewpages/0,6737,495843,00.html [Oct 2004]

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