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Piero Gilardi (1942 - )

Cactus (1972) - Piero Gilardi
"CACTUS" - Coat stand originally designed by Piero Gilardi and later on by Guido Drocco & Franco Mello in 1972. Made of polyurethane foam and covered by a green rubbery paint. H170 CM, produced by Gufram

Anguria (2002) - Piero Gilardi
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Piero Gilardi (1942, Turin, Italy) is an Italian designer and artist. In 1963 he held his first one-man show,entitled “Machines for the future”. In 1965 he created his first piece in polyurethane foam and exhibited in Paris, Brussels Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam and New York.

Arte povera

As from 1968 he stopped producing regular art works to engage in the new artistic trends of the late ’60s Arte Povera, Land Art and Antiform Art. He took part in setting up the first two international exhibitions of the new trends at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and at the Bern Kunsthalle. In 1969 he started a long trans-cultural experience to conceptually analyse and Practise the “Art/Life” combination.


As political Activist and animator of youth culture, he organised several experiences of collective creativity on urban and “world” fringes, such as Nicaragua, Indian Reserves in the USA and Africa. In 1981 he resumed his activity in the art word an exhibited installations, accompanied by creative public workshops.


In 1985 he started and artistic research project with new technologies with elaboration of the IXIANA PROJECT (which was presented at the Parc de la Villette in Paris).This work consisted of a technological park in which the public could artistically experiment with digital technologies. In the recent past he has produced a number of multi-medial interactive installations and participated intensively in international shows in the sector, e.g the ARTEC Biennial of Nagoya, ARTIFICES 3 Paris and MULTIMEDIALE 4 Karlsruhe.In 1993 he set up a “virtual” hall at the 45th Biennial in Venice. He presides over the international association “Ars Technica” which has promoted two Arslab exhibitions of neo-technological art in Turin (Arslab,Metodi ed Emozioni in 1992,Arslab,I Sensi del Virtuale in 1995,ArslabI labirinti del corpo in gioco in 1999).He is very actively involved in the theoretical analysis of new media art research and is responsible for the column “Return to the future” in the Flash Art Magazine. http://www.pron.it/artisti.asp?artisti=3#


History – Founded in 1952, Gufram began producing Design furnishings in 1966, including the products selected to form the “I Multipli” collection in 1972, which are still produced in limited numbers. Gufram’s I MULTIPLI are on exhibit at the NY MOMA, the DENVER Museum of Modern Art (Colorado), the Permanent Design Collection in Milan and in major galleries and museums of contemporary art all over the world.

Gufram has been serving the Contract sector since 1978: Cinemas, Theatres, Auditoriums, Conference Halls, Multi-purpose Halls, and University Lecture Halls with a significant range of products strongly characterised by Italian design.

Theatres and Conference Halls recently furnished by Gufram include the Teatro Regio in Turin, the Sala Conferenze Banca d’Italia in Rome, the Hotel Sheraton in Algiers, and the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan. The company’s plant measures 7500 square metres and incorporates a research and development laboratory where projects are designed and engineered prior to production. The keys to Gufram’s philosophy are research and innovation, quality and design. -- http://www.designboom.com/eng/funclub/gufram.html

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