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One who finds customers for a prostitute; a procurer. --AHD

Accatone (1961) - Pasolini

Accatone (1961) - Pasolini [Amazon.com]

Vittorio Accattone (Franco Citti) is a hardened pimp in Rome who works very hard at never working.  He is a smooth talker, capable of only brief flashes of compassion, mostly for himself.  When he loses his prize prostitute, Maddelena (Silvana Corsini), he despairs not for her but for his lost income.  Nearly starving, he turns to his ex-wife and child for support, who soon find that he has not changed his ways.  It is the lovely Stella (Franca Pasut), a peasant girl, who Vittorio falls in love with and is almost willing to change for.

This is writer/director Pier Paolo Pasolini's first film.  In Accattone Pasolini provides us with a glimpse into a very different "cafe society", that of lazy, bored young men who avoid life's responsibilities in an economically depressed culture.   The  street scenes of 1960 Rome and Lazio are made fascinating by the people, most of whom appear to be non-actors.  We felt transfixed by the images and by the haunting musical score of Johann Sebastian Bach (under the musical direction of Carlo Rustichelli). --http://www.1worldfilms.com/accatone.htm [Nov 2004]

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