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Post-VCR (c.1980 - today)

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Erotic films in the Post-VCR era

(1980 - today)
In the post-VCR era, beginning in in the mid eighties, it has been possible to watch erotic films in the privacy of one's living room. If we would like to assess the definition of mainstream erotic films in a post-VCR era, we would have to examine mail order catalogs, rental shops, internet sites. Amazon, for example, carries erotic films, but does not offer pornographic films. [Nov 2005]

Kill Bill as “post-VCR film”

Chris Hyde argues that Kill Bill wouldn’t have been possible without the “influence of the late 20th century’s technologies on the cosmopolitanism of film audiences”:

“The effects of the VCR on post-1980 cinema are many and varied, and it is hardly in Tarantino’s oeuvre alone that the invisible influence of videotape can be seen. But it’s also no surprise to find that the director toiled as a clerk in a video store during some of his formative years, and all of his work contains referential asides that make it patently obvious that his style has been heavily influenced by what he has seen.” --http://blog.epistemographer.com/?p=77 [Oct 2005]

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