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Quark records 1987 - 1995

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Posted by Quark to Deep House Talk on May 24, 1999 at 21:14:09:


New York, NY…Pacific Time Entertainment (PTE) announces the release of a compilation from Quark Records. The CD entitled "Quark Records-The Best of New York's Underground House Scene-Volume One" is scheduled for release on June 1, 1999.

Compiled by Curtis Urbina, president and owner of the legendary New York House Music label, this compilation boasts many of the early club hits which brought the label to international prominence and which launched the careers of such artists and producers as Blaze, Jomanda, Phase II and others.

The album includes the rare and difficult to find club hits such as, "Whatcha Gonna Do", "If You Should Need A Friend" and "Can't Win For Losin'" by Blaze; as well as,"Driftin' " by Jomanda, "Mystery" by Phase II and "Mainline" by The Jason Load Experience featuring Iyona . Also included is the classic European remake of "Together Forever" by Raven Maize.

With liner notes by Michael Paoletta of Billboard Magazine, his words truly capture the essence of what this legendary label strived for:
"Quark merged the best of two vibrant club music genres- soulful garage and slammin' house, and injected it with a vibe all it's own. At that time, we called it, simply enough, New York Club. A name that, most certainly, has stuck!"

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