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A radical politician is a politician whose views are far removed from the mainstream. Many radical politicians become revolutionaries. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radical_politician [Jun 2005]

In political science, the label "radical" denotes "one who desires extreme change of all or part of the social order". (Britannica Deluxe CD2000). The term is said to have been used by the English parliamentarian Charles Fox who, in 1797, demanded a "radical reform" of the electoral system amounting to universal male suffrage. It was thenceforth applied to any who lobbied for electoral reform.

The passage of the Reform Act of 1867 gave the vote even to workers and the Radicals, having been strenuous in their efforts on behalf of the working classes, thereby earned a deeply loyal following; British trade unionists from 1874 until 1892, upon being elected to Parliament, never considered themselves to be anything other than Radicals.

English Radicals derived much of their ideas from 'philosophical radicals', particularly John Stuart Mill who held that right actions were to be measured in proportion to the greatest good they achieved for the greatest number.

In continental Europe, as, for instance, in France, Italy, and Spain, Radicalism developed as an ideology in the nineteenth century to indicate those who supported, at least in theory, a republican form of government, universal male suffrage, and, particularly, supported anti-clerical policies. By the twentieth century at the latest, radicalism, which did not advocate particularly radical economic policies, had been overtaken as the principal ideology of the left by the growing popularity of socialism, and had become an essentially centrist political movement as far as "radicalism" survived as a distinct political ideology at all. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radicalism [Jun 2005]

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Murdered activists

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