Rainer Truby

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Rainer Truby


The favourite deejay of music-gurus Gilles Peterson, LTJ Bukem and Peter Kruder listens to the exotic name of Rainer Trüby. Kruder’s admiration even led him to write a track as a tribute to Trüby’s monthly Root Down clubnight in Freiburg. In a not so distant past a member of A Forest Mighty Black, Rainer now makes the sun shine with his widely hyped Trüby Trio, a joint project with Christian Prommer and Roland Appel of Fauna Flash. Wild horses couldn’t drive ‘A-Go-Go/Carajillo’ (12-inch) and ‘Prima Vera’ (track on ‘Glücklich III’) out of the better charts. The original organic blend of Brazilian rhythms and modern beats also characterises their remixes for Peace Orchestra, Mr. Gone, Yasushi Ide, Nitin Sawhney, Bobby Matos and Frederic Galliano.

Gilles Peterson

Gilles Peterson chose Rainer Trüby as his favourite DJ in his personal Top 3 DJ-Charts in DJ Magazine and Muzik in Dec. 98.


If you haven’t got a clue about what to expect from Trüby’s turntable-tactics, then listen to one of his top-class compilations: ‘Glücklich I, II & III’ (Compost), ‘Nitrogen - Trip Hop Sources from the Past’ (Compost), ‘Root Down 99’ (Nuphonic) or ‘Talkin’ Jazz III’ (Talkin Loud). Just prepare yourself for a sublimely mixed set combining elements of retro and future jazz, brazil, house, boogie and drum & bass. --


Rainer Trüby is also an internationally well known DJ. Rainer digs so deep into music, that he got much much respect from UK-DJs, club-runners and promoters. He is regularly booked all over England (Blue Note, Bar Rumba, Brighton Jazz Bop, Phönix Festival, Jazz Cafe) and the rest of the world. In February ‘98 he did a Japan-tour. And if he's not on the road you can find him and maybe one of his fine guest DJs like Gilles Peterson, the Into Somethin' Crew, Fauna Flash, Kruder & Dorfmeister, DJ Die, Ben Wilcox, Patrick Forge, Russ Dewbury, 4 Hero or Simon Lee (Faze Action) at the turntables in his own club Root Down in Freiburg, crossing the boundaries between retro and future jazz, funky beats, jazzy house, brazil, boogie tunes and drum & bass.


After having plunged into the depths of the diasporic Brazilian soul made in Germany, the Glücklich compilation series has moved on to present Brazilian fused music from a new generation of artists alongside that of their idols. The re-definition of the Brazilian feeling through urban club-culture has taken many different forms, always seeking to catch that special spirit. This third compilation in the series strives to portray the transformation of this spirit from a musical style and national culture to an international movement.

Jazz Hooligan

"Jazz Hooligan" Rainer Trüby's abilities to perceive this feeling and to wander on this essential musical path have made him one of the most important educators on the scene. His seemingly endless knowledge of musical history combined with his vinyl addiction have made him an unbelievable source of inspiration and information for us and many others. We believe the following presentation of new Brazilian fused music compiled by Rainer Trüby will find many open ears - enjoy:

Glücklich III

Pathless, a sprout from the Berlin based Sonar Kollektiv provides the opener "Goddess". Deep vocal arrangement - ogermannesque. Picking up on a samba-feel we cross over to the guitar-strings of Da Lata with their song "Pra Manha" - brazilliance made in London. The enchanting vocals of Liliana Chachian and the stunning arrangement make this one a true representative of the new school of Brazilian music. By the way Da Lata is a collaboration between Patrick Forge "big in his nose and big in his tunes" and the "Smoke City" producer Chris Franks. The follow-up comes from Mr. Glücklich himself and of course his lovely trio. The blossomy track "Prima Vera" from the designated Trüby Trio embraces the listener with a vibrant warmth and percussion madness. Rainer told us that the track is dedicated to Vera, the mother of Christian, a member of the trio. Prima!

Guidance Recordings from Chicago has stunned us over the last few years by releasing open-minded house-music. Their label work has brought us the track "Ife Bobowa" by Brother of Soul. It was a big surprise to find this treasure on a House 12" b-side - a very live sounding house-bossa-brazil-burner. By choosing this track Rainer displays the opening of different musical scenes toward each other in their search for common grounds.

From Chicago we move over the Atlantic to France to discover a brilliant recording, "Samba" by Jean-Claude Kerinec/Mamba Percussion, a Batucada with playful jazz-drums. This is an old one for the future. Boozoo Bajou with their "Night Over Manaus" Bossa catches the listener with intricate vocal sampling and a downtempo-groove. These guys are the latest members of the new "Neue Deutsche Welle" built on Brazilian sun.
Lets move over to a real club-classic "Ye Mele" (Luiz Carlos Vinhas) interpreted by Brazil Selection. Covered by many artists - including Sergio Mendes - this particular version is an obscure recording for conaisseurs and one of the most finest interpretations of this brazil-standard yet. When most people think of Brazil they think of "Rio" so did the Dutchman Nico Gomez on his recording "Rio" - uplifting summer madness with brazil vocals and a wicked piano riff.
Back to the newer school Cosmo Vitelli with "We Don't Need No Smurf Here" brings us a French hybrid retro bossa - electronics vs. American spaghetti western guitars. The last "glücklich" classic comes from a South-American in Germany Evaldo Montenovo’s "Chili Con Carne". Hot like chili this offbeat bossa shuffler does the job. Rainer told us that Montenovo is somehow associated with the Catch-up crew (check Glücklich 1).

To finish things off on the electronical side of things Rainer chose three tracks that fuse Brazilian feeling with the beat and bass-sensitivity of the 90ies:
Modaji earn our deepest respect for they have bewitched us with their incantory rhythm magic. These London-based guys offer us a deep cosmic vibe that always manages to stay upfront. The French duo Tom & Joyce with "Vai Minha Tristeza -Mr. Bob S.-remix" deliver a charming Brazil house joint with intricate guitar-play and touching vocals. Here Mr. Bob Sinclair undoubtly proves his talents for more lyrical material - deep authenticity paired with exotic charm "Belle Affaire" from the German duo Tab Two gets a remix treatment by the Trüby Trio. Again, well... Brazil-House. This recording was one of the first remixes of the Trio and never came out commercially.

And if one of these days you get a call from Sergio Mendes, be sure it's not our favourite celebrity impersonator Rainer Trüby. We are sure that this selection will make listeners and dancers alike "glücklich".

Liner Notes by Daniel W. Best @ Jazzanova

Nico Gomez [...]

Laird, Werner & Nico Gomez - Comment Allez Vous
Laird, Werner & Nico Gomez - Copa Cabana
Laird, Werner & Nico Gomez - O Aquitiputa


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