Rajko Muller

Rajko Muller is a secretive camera-shy producer from Frankfurt. Under the moniker of Isolée, he is also the man behind one of the best pieces of tech-house ever produced : Beau mot Plage. Muller prolongated his powerful musical forays with his awesome debut Lp Rest that along with Losoul's Belong defined new paths for techno and house music to explore. Muller's isolation must stem from being so much ahead of the pack...


This album by Isolee --not a French outfit but German dude Rajko Muller-- is my favorite home-listening house album since Herbert's Around The House, and like the latter it is endlessly listenable, discreetly avant-garde, weirdly gorgeous. Multi-tiered, built up from parallel streams of lurching beats, clanking percussion, and snaking acid-pulses, this music is a tapestry of sinuousness and angularity, a split-level mesh of frictions and fluencies. On tracks like "Text," the production is wormholey with eerie crevices, hidden folds, and trapdoors of echo that crack apart the groove for a micro-second. On the scintillating "Beau Mot Plage", the music is so fluttery with hand's-on "feel" that it doesn't feel strange when an African high-life guitar darts in like a dragonfly--simply because the tune's electronic components are equally played-not-programmed sounding. There's a pronounced early Eighties feel at times--brittle Oriental brush-strokes that recall Japan or Thomas Leer, Vangelis/Blade Runner-style melody-vapour like sungleam creeping over horizon rim, future-jazz tone-smears. The music brims with indefinable emotions, flits from tight-as-a-drum tension to sudden synth-splurges of awe. On the closing "I Owe You," an alien voice thanks the listener, and expresses concern about recompensing you for the time and attention bestowed. Rest assured: listening to Rest is its own reward. -- Simon Reynolds in his "fave 2000" article


  • Stop ²& Listen V.5 [2CDs, Amazon US]
    From jazz to disco, hip hop to funk, this album gives us a rare insight into the influences and playlist of the Masters At Work, providing the listener with a cross section of hard to find classics
    Tracklisting: Disc: 1 1. Troubled Girl - Karen Ramirez 2. Melting Pot - Boris Gardner 3. <>Thousand Fingered Man - Candido 4. Burnin' - Pepe Braddock 5. Wishin' You Were Here - Blaze 6. Beau Mot Plage - Isolee 7. When You Touch Me - Taana Gardener 8. Je Ka Jo - Joe Claussell 9. Puerto Rico - Eddie Palmieri Disc: 2 1. Rude Movements - Sun Palace 2. Seventh Heaven - Gwen Guthrie 3. Number Uno - Cleptomaniacs 4. Coro Miyare - Fania All Stars 5. Saudabe Vem Correndo - Jazz Samba Encore 6. See Line Woman - Nina Simone (my Godmother!) 7. Getcho Soul Togetha Pt.1 - Breakestra 8. Getcho Soul Togetha Pt.2 - Breakestra 9. 2F4U - Slum Village 10. Slowly Surely - Jill Scott 11. Time Is Running Out - Doug E.Carn

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