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Raoul Hausmann (1886 - 1971)

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Key works: Mechanischer Kopf (1919-20) [Image link]


Raoul Hausmann (July 12, 1886–February 1, 1971) was a German painter, sculptor and writer. He was one of the key figures of dadaism. He was born in Vienna. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raoul_Hausmann [Mar 2005]

Der Dada

Issue number 3 of Der Dada is one of the most visually exciting publications generated by the Berlin group. Edited jointly by Grosz, Heartfield and Hausmann (who signed their names "Groszfield," "Hearthaus," and "Georgemann"), the third issue of Der Dada was the most diverse issue yet, with several references to Dada in Cologne, Paris, and Zurich. The cover features a chaotic collage by Heartfield of words, letters, and illustrations. The issue includes a drawing by George Grosz, two montages by Heartfield, and photographs of the Dadaists, as well as cartoons, poetry, and illustrations.

Known for their rebellious and political tenor, it was not long before the Berlin Dada group members soon directed their aggressions at one another. With the eruption of many ideological clashes, by 1920 Dada began to decline in Berlin. Although sporadic publications appeared for a few years, by 1923 publishing had ceased, and the Berlin Dadaists began turning their attentions to other activities. --http://www.artic.edu/reynolds/essays/hofmann.php

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