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Rape fantasy


A rape fantasy may be a mental imagining (a sexual fantasy) about rape, a fictional story about a rape, or an acted out scene of pretend rape between consenting adults. This is not to be confused with real-world rape, which is a violent crime. Because of this, some people may feel very disturbed that pretend rape can be a subject of sexual fantasy to others. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_fantasy [Sept 2005]

Rape fantasies are extremely common among both women and men. Rape fantasies are essentially fantasies of sexual submission -- the desire to cede control to another person, or to have someone else take the dominant role. As far as I know, fantasies of being raped are far more common among women. This may be because it is still socially unacceptable for women to assert their own sexuality -- they may find it more comfortable to have someone else take responsibility for sexual urges. In rare cases, people who wish to act out rape fantasies have suffered real sexual assault or abuse in the past, and playacting within safe boundaries and guidelines is their way of healing themselves, or gaining a sense of control of the situtation. --Katharine Gates, http://www.deviantdesires.com/askme/rape.html

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