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[[United States|American]] [[social critic]] and [[folkloristics|folklorist]] [[Gershon Legman]]'s ''[[Rationale of the Dirty Joke|Rationale of the Dirty Joke: An Analysis of Sexual Humor]]'' was first published by [[Grove Press]] in [[1968]]; was later reprinted in hardcover by Indiana University, was years out of print until it resurfaced in prints by [[Simon & Schuster]]. == Dedication == To the ''Manes'' of [[Poggio Bracciolini]], Lover of books, folk-humor, and women. == Keywords== [[dirty]], [[humor]] == Introduction == === I === First sentence: "Under the mask of humor, our society allows infinite [[aggression]]s, by everyone and against everyone." References to: * ''Children’s Humor : a Psychological Analysis'' (1954) by [[Martha Wolfenstein]] * ''[[Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious]]'' (1905) by [[Sigmund Freud]] === II === * The parlor-scene in ''[[Lady Chatterley's Lover]]'', which shows Lady Chatterley "being required to sit quietly at her needlework while her [[impotent]] husband and his friends talk anti-woman [[bawdy]] before her." * Legman likens the smutty joke to verbal rape, invoking Freud "The smutty joke is like a denudation of a person of the opposite sex toward whom the joke is directed. Through the utterance of obscene words the person ..." * Legman: "The really fearful themes in our society are [[venereal disease]], [[homosexuality]] and [[castration]]." * National styles: "Germans and the Dutch ... are obviously far more susceptible to scatology" * ''Four lettter Word Games'' by Dutch psychiatrist Dr. [[Renatus Hartogs]] and [[Hans Fantel]] states: "Gallic off-color stories is the refinement and variation of sexual technique ... the French dirty joke concerns itself with ... cuckolding and ... seduction ... England [has] a high proportion of jokes referring to homosexuality [and an] incestuous component. ... the racial antagonisms [of the U. S. ] find frequent expression in [American] dirty humor." === III === About ''[[Rationalization_%28psychology%29|rationalization]]'', the transmutation of that which is unendurable in real life into the pleasurable experience of humor. ==== References ==== * ''The Mask of Sanity'' (1941) by [[Hervey Cleckley]], * ''Games People Play'' by [[Eric Berne]] * ''Cocu, battu et content'' first appears in Boccaccio's ''[[The Decameron]]''. It was featured in [[Jean de La Fontaine]]'s fabels. In English it translates as: ''The Cudgelled and Contented Cuckold''. === IV === * Bawdy jokes have only rarely been recorded in print * On the origins of Western literature. (Legman seems to imply that the whole of Western literature is derivative from the East). I paraphrase: Western European literature all follows backward the same [[itinerary]]: through France, to Italy or Spain and then to the Levant. The Slavonic and Germanic tales do not even make this Western detour, but pass directly up through [[Asia Minor]], via Turkey and Greece, to eastern Europe. Nothing short but a history of Western literature here, on a par with Patrick J. Kearney's excellent ''a history of erotic fiction'' and [[Colin Wilson]]'s ''[[The_Misfits:_A_Study_of_Sexual_Outsiders|The Misfits]]''. * The expurgation of the [[jest]]books in the Anglo-Saxon culture took place in the 1830s, in an attempt to avert the revolutions of the 1840s. * [[Petrus Alphonsi]]'s ''[[Petrus_Alfonsi#Disciplina_Clericalis|Disciplina Clericalis]]'' started the Western vogue of [[fiction]]. === V === Recent developments stemming from the "New Freedom" after book censorship trials in the United Sates: first ''[[Ulysses (novel)|Ulysses]]'' , then ''[[Lady Chatterley's Lover]]'' and ''[[Tropic_of_Cancer_%28novel%29|Tropic of Cancer]]'' and Fanny Hill has seen it become possible to publish unexpurgated editions of bawdy jokes; but the "replacement of the arts of literature and the stage, since First World War, by movies, television, radio, disc- and taperecorders" has made censorship easy and has produced sexless and synthetic art, sadistic entertainment and falsefied information. All in all Legman seems to disapprove of new media as they arose in the sixties. He even devotes a whole page to derisive criticism of [[Marshall McLuhan]], likening his [[techno-utopianism]] to [[Dr. Pangloss]]. === VI === * Notes on the transcription system used in this book. * Legman points to a lack of a motif-index or tale-type analysis of erotic folktales, jokes and humor generally. He cites [[Stith Thompson]]'s classification which leaves blank X700 - X799 because " ... Thousands of obscene motifs in which there is no point but the obscenity itself might logically come at this point, but they are entirely beyond the scope of the present work. They form a literature to themselves, with its own periodicals and collections. In view of the possibility that it might become desirable to classify these motifs and place them within the present index, space has been left from X700 to X799 for such motifs (Thompson 1955-8, 5:514)." Legman would have preferred, one gets the impression, to include the X700 [http://www.talesunlimited.com/DetailedSynX.htm] category and to exclude the S [http://www.talesunlimited.com/DetailedSynS.htm] category for example which is about unnatural cruelty. Legman also adds that a collection of dirty jokes ''needs'' and ontology and taxonomy in order to give meaning to it. === VII === On duplication and geographical migrations. === VIII === Further ontological notes Trivia: Truth-telling Member = vagina see, ''[[Les_bijoux_indiscrets|Le Chevalier qui Fist Parles les Cons]]''. To check: [[Octave Mirbeau]]'s gruesome dossier concerning the death of [[Balzac]]. === IX === Apologies for colloquial and allusive titles, other apologies. === X === Thank yous and ups and downs in writing the book. Mentions Miss [[Christine Conrad]], former Mrs. Legman. Signed: [[La Clé des Champs]], [[Valbonne]], (Alpes Maritimes), France. == Subjects and motifs == [[Motif (literature)]], [[theme (literature)]], [[trope (literature)]], [[subject matter]]. === Children === ==== Mock Ignorance ==== ===== Penis envy ===== [[penis envy]] ===== The primal scene ===== In psychoanalysis, the '''primal scene''' is the actual or imagined observation by a child of sexual [[intercourse]], particularly between the parents. ===== Embarassments ===== [[embarrassment]] == See also: == * [[Bawdy]] (redirects to ribaldry) * [[Black comedy]] * [[Humor]] * [[Dirty joke]] (redirects to off-color humor) * [[Innuendo]] * [[Double entendre]] * [[Ribaldry]] * [[Toilet humour]] * [[Off-color humor]]

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