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Ricciotto Canudo (1879 - 1923)

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Ricciotto Canudo (1879-1923) was an italian film theorician. He published his manifesto The Birth of the Seventh Art as early as 1911. He is therefore considered to be the very first theoretician of cinema. He saw cinema as "plastic art in motion".

Canudo lived primarily in France. A collection of his essays L'usine aux images appeared in Paris in 1927. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricciotto_Canudo [Nov 2005]

Manifesto of the Seven Arts

Canudo, Ricciotto, "Manifesto of the Seven Arts" [1923], Literature/FilmQuarterly, 3, no. 3 (Summer 1975), 252-54. Trans. Steven Philip Kramer.Leger, F. "A

I would like to recall the words of R.Canudo, the person who can be considered the founder of the theory of film in general. He wrote in his Manifesto of Seven Arts that cinematography was generated from the six arts: architecture, music, painting, sculpture, poetry and dance. Combining the science with arts the seventh art unites all the other arts. --Agris Redovic

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