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Richard Bernstein (1939 - 2002)

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But in the heady days of the 60's and 70's, Bernstein saw much higher highs. "I can't think of anybody who had more fun than him, including [Studio 54 co-owner] Steve Rubell," Mr. Weinstein said. "He never had any money, but he had great friends."

The quiet of Bernstein's death was ironic in light of the fact that his artwork had amplified the celebrity of so many. For 15 years, beginning in 1972, Bernstein's signature artwork graced the monthly covers of Interview magazine, that seminal celebrity chronicle of the social, fashion and art crowd that had met in Andy Warhol's Factory and the back room of Max's Kansas City in the 60's and catalyzed in the sybaritic heat of Studio 54 in the late 70's. --Frank DiGiacomo

Sleeve artwork by Richard Bernstein

Loleatta Holloway covers

According to the original press bio that accompanied "Love Sensation", the paintings of on the album jackets of "Loleatta" (1979) and "Love Sensation", were done by artist/photographer Richard Bernstein "known for his unique covers on Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine". Bernstein's intention was reportedly to "bring out the softness, sensitivity and sexiness, inherent in Holloway".

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