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Richard Long

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The world's best sound system

... But it wasn't only the DJ Larry Levan and the music that was something extra at the Paradise Garage. No, together with the sound engineer of the club - Richard Long - they managed to put together the world's best sound system... It has been told that the whole system was sold for some half a million dollars (!!!) to the Ministry of Sound in London when the Garage were forced to close down in September 1987. But that's NOT true... The sound system was installed at a club called the Paradise Ballroom on W. 43'rd St., New York. Sadly that club didn't live that long and the system was actually auctioned off. --http://www.disco-disco.com/clubs/paradise.shtml, accessed May 2003

Alex Rosner

"Alex Rosner was one of the main competitors for Richard Long, although not quite as good. Rosner put in the very first disco sound system; that was at the Gallery, with Nicky Siano, back in '74 or'75." --Tee Scott

"Tee was mistaken, Alex Rosner did systems at the Limelight (the original one in the Village, not the latter version) and worked for David Mancuso before I hired him...Gallery opened in 1972, I was seventeen, and had worked at the Round Table prior to that." -- Nicky Siano

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