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Richard Scheib

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The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review

The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review is an attempt to provide an exhaustive online resource database and an intelligent and well-reasoned review guide to fantastic cinema. It is hoped that the site will provide visitors with informed and well-reasoned criticism as well as direct people toward less well-known genre material.

Fantastic Cinema is an umbrella label that covers material of great diversity. Here you will find coverage of films as far apart as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Bambi [a five star film, according to Scheib], of directors that range from Ingmar Bergman to Edward D. Wood Jr - all are represented here and each discussed in terms of their own merits. Fantastic Cinema is not always easy to define in terms of thematic boundaries and a deliberately broad interpretation of what constitutes genre material has been taken in the hope that it will provide interesting discussion.

This site has been set up firstly because of the author's lifelong passion for the subject matter and a desire to expound forth and, secondly, because it fills a gap. There is a disappointing lack of online sites offering worthwhile genre criticism and an even more disappointing lack of general sites offering historical and archival material. It is hoped that the site will eventually become the most comprehensive and authoritative site on the subject.

The site has been divided into several different destinations. Clearly there are some fields that will be of interest to some but not others. So one can browse the pages which list SF, Horror or Fantasy separately. There is also an alphabetical list of all titles. --Richard Scheib, http://www.moria.co.nz/ [2005]

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