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In politics, right-wing, the political right, or simply the right, are terms which refer, with no particular precision, to the segment of the political spectrum in opposition to left-wing politics. It is usually, but not always, associated with conservatism, and (from the 20th century onwards) may be associated with fascism or libertarianism or even certain forms of liberalism (especially with respect to economics). (See political spectrum and left-right politics for a detailed explanation and discussion of this kind of classification.)

The phrase "right-wing" comes from the seating arrangement of parliamentary partisans during the French Revolution. The monarchists who supported the Ancien Régime were commonly referred to as rightists because they sat on the right side of successive legislative assemblies. As this original reference became obsolete, the meaning of the terms has changed as appropriate to the spectrum of ideas and stances being compared, and the point of view of the speaker. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-wing_politics [Apr 2005]

Conservative gender roles

Many cultures have attitudes towards women which place them at a considerable disadvantage to men.

In some societies, women's lives are effectively controlled by their husband, family or tribe. In the most extreme forms of these views, women can be victims of honor killings if they do not conform, or even do not appear to conform, to these constraints, or women can be literally regarded as property.

Milder version of these attitudes are still prevalent to some degree in most cultures in the world, where the stereotype is still that of a nuclear family consisting of a married couple where the man goes out to work and earns money, and the woman stays at home and raises the children. This stereotype is increasingly not the common case in most wealthy countries, with both families with dual incomes and single mothers being very common. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservative_gender_roles [Jun 2005]

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